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The 7 Most Incredible Bridges In The World

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, US

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the unlikeliest places will make sure you are inspired by creative thought. An architectural marvel like a bridge might give an amazing level of thought or open the mind in a new dimension.  The connective nature of a bridge also has the elements of history, heritage and the regional glory associated with it. A well-made bridge also boasts of architectural marvels and the progress which the human race has made over the years. We bring you the list of breathtaking destinations that have the greatest bridges in the world:

  1. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, US:  San Francisco’s iconic crossing opened to civilians back in 1938. The bridge is not just famous for the architectural grandeur but also for the record number of deaths happened here since the time of its opening.  Now, the makers have come up with suicide prevention scheme which would secure from such disasters.

  2. Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge, China:  This extensive bridge goes for 102 miles and is a travelers delight to go on it. The bridge is relatively recent when it opened in 2011, constructed by 10,000 workers at a staggering budget of 6.5 billion pounds.  It connects the business capital Shanghai to the capital of China’s Jiangsu province, Nanjing.

  3. Viaduc de Millau, Creissels, France:  Crossing the historic Eiffel tower as well to regard as the tallest structure in the world, Millau Viaduct stands at 343meters tall. It also offers a different view altogether when taken a canoe trip underneath for an overall new experience.  The bridge straddles the Tarn Valley between Clemont- Ferrand and Beziers and Narbonne.

  4. The Ribblehead Viaduct Batty Moss Viaduct, North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom:  With 24 stone arches and located over 32 meters over the moorland below, this bridge is a perfect example of Victorian engineering.  Built long back in 1870-1874, it secured Grade II listing in 1988.  It is located in between the Three peaks mountain challenge and on the border of Cumbria and Yorkshire.

  5. Vasco Da Gama Bridge, Lisbon, Portugal:  Regarded as the longest bridge in Europe, it connects the north and southern regions of Portugal.  It was named after the explorer who was the first European to reach India by the sea in the 15th century. Breathtaking views of river Tagus can be seen and the sturdy engineering makes sure that it can withstand strongest wind currents of up to 155 mph.

  6. Golden Bridge, Vietnam:  With an artistic design and beautiful appeal, the bridge is 150 meters long and became a huge tourist attraction in the region. Located at a picturesque mountaintop near the city of Danang, the bridge is designed to look as if it is held by a pair of beautiful hands.

  7. Eshima Ohashi, Japan:  This seemingly steep bridge is a modern marvel for sure.  Eshima Ohashi is the most rigid-frame bridges ever made and for good reasons.  The meticulous engineering and perfection of the bridge is apparent in its looks and functionality as well.  In short, the bridge actually looks like a racing path for world-class racers but in reality, it is a transportation place!

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