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How To Survive A Long Haul Flight


Long haul flights that transport you from one corner of the world to the another can take almost all day. These flights can be tiring and exhausting. Sitting limbo at high altitude for long durations can also lead to symptoms like jet-lag and sore muscles. Furthermore, such flights can turn out to be boring, especially for those who are not used to long rides.

Here are some tricks to avoid the above symptoms and make your journey much more comfortable and bearable.

  • Book Early Bird Tickets
    Many airlines offer discounts on early bookings. Apart from saving a few bucks, booking in advance allows you to choose the seat of your choice. Whether you want a place next to the aisle for easy access or wish to cuddle up next to the window, booking beforehand can make it possible. On the other hand, if you decide to wait until the eleventh hour, you may find yourself sandwiched in a middle seat with little or no room for your legs and elbows.
  • Opt For Comfortable Outfits
    Ditch your skinny jeans and fitted tops for long flights. Instead, go for light, flowy outfits that will allow your skin to breathe. Comfy attires prevent symptoms like deep vein thrombosis, which results from sitting in an uncomfortable position for long durations. Opt fr compression socks to decrease the chances of blood clots. Go for shawl or scarf which can save you from cabin chills and double as a pillow when properly folded.
  • Limited Personal Items
    Carry limited personal items on board with you. Most of your heavy luggage may fit into overhead compartments. But your personal items such as handbags stay with you. See that these handbags are not too large as space for your legs is already limited.
  • Comfy Pillows and Eye Masks
    On long flights which can take as long as 19 hours. This broad timeframe allows you to sleep through the journey to arrive refreshed at your destination. For uninterrupted sleep, it’s necessary that you invest in a good comfy pillow eye mask, and earplugs. These items filter out light and sound and promise deep slumber.
  • Invest In Noise-Cancelling Headphones
    If you don’t want to be interrupted while watching your favorite movie or listening to your audiobook, then noise-canceling headphones are a must. They also make an excellent substitute for earplugs.

  • Selecting Right Menu
    Selecting ideal food items on the flight is essential as heavy meals can keep you awake. Food items rich in calories require more time for digestion, especially during long trips as you are transfixed in the same position for hours. Avoiding food that is laden with sugar, salt, caffeine, and calories can make your journey comfortable. Same is true for alcohol. Although it can help in tackling anxiety, it can cause extreme dehydration and hence should be avoided.
  • Keep Yourself Hydrated
    Level of humidity in airplanes is always low, just like that of deserts. The lack of moisture can result in extreme dryness, which can escalate into dehydration or jet-lag. You should drink at least 8 ounces of water per hour according to a few experts during lengthy flights. To keep your skin hydrated, replace makeup with simple moisturizer (should be less than 100ml to pass security checkpoints). Opt for lip balm to keep lips from drying and eye drop for eye irritation.
  • Get Up After Every Few Hours
    Pressurized cabins of planes supply less amount of oxygen for passengers. Due to improper supply of oxygen, one can experience headaches, fatigue, swollen limbs, or dehydration. Stretching, walking up and down the aisle, and rotating your shoulders, legs, head, after every few hours can boost the blood flow and prevent you from above symptoms.

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