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Top Five Facts about Russia

Kremlin, Moscow, Russia

Russia is not only a country, but it is also altogether an emotion! The country’s history, culture, geography, ethnicity, food, and drinks certainly draw the attention of travelers from across the globe. Russia is known for its breathtaking scenic view and culture to die for.

Officially known as the Russian Federation, it is the largest country in the world, in terms of land. Russia is one of the biggest superpowers in the world! Here are some interesting facts about Russia.

  1. Geographical facts: Russia is home to over 144 million people. It shares its boundaries with 14 countries, making it the country to share maximum borders. It has the second largest borderline stretching for 20,241 meters.

    And to give you an idea of how colossal Russia is – the country extends for 11 time zones and stretches over two continents! Owing to the enormous area it covers, the demographic condition of Russia varies from dessert to iced coastline and from tall mountains to vast swamps. The region of Siberia, which possesses 75% of Russia, is overwhelmed by rambling pine forests called “taigas.” Russia also houses the deepest lake in the world, Baikal Lake, which is a significant tourist attraction.

  2. Wildlife and Nature: If you’re a sucker for rare wildlife, Russia is your place to be! Being home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, even the most unique of animals like the Asiatic Black Bear, Snow Leopard, Pika, and Polar bears can be witnessed in Russia. World’s largest cat, the Siberian Tiger, is the most famous animal of Russia. This beautiful creature can grow up to 3meters long and weigh up to 300kg. To save and preserve the wildlife of the country, a beautiful natural habitat called Zapovednik has been constructed that provides shelter to these rare species. It is a decent country to visit for a wildlife enthusiast, isn’t it?Red square, Moscow, Russia
  3. History: Russia has had a rich history. The famous fortress in Ukrainian city known as Kyiv was built by two groups, one of them being the earliest settlers, the Scandinavians, who lived on the upper side of the Volga River along with the settlers of the west, the Slavs. This Kyiv later became a powerful empire that ruled Russia for almost 200 years and then broke into many parts that became cities of Russia.

    Russia has also had many great rulers. One such was Vladimir Lenin who with Russia and other 11 countries formed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, also known as U.S.S.R. This newly formed union fought World War II on behalf of the USA, something that would be hard to witness today. The strained relations between the two countries led to the Cold War, which led to the breaking of the Soviet Union in 1991.

  4. Culture and People: One of the most distinguishing things about Russian culture is its weddings. Weddings in Russia are usually big events, and romantic love is the only accepted method of coupling. On the wedding day, it is a tradition for the bride’s family to jokingly kidnap the bride and demand a ransom from the bridegroom on the wedding day. Well the last chance for the bride to escape, isn’t it fun?

    Also, we can’t talk about Russian culture without bringing in the world famous Russian dolls – known by various names like matryoshka dolls, or babushka dolls, or even nesting dolls – as fascinatingly, they can fit inside each other!

    Russia also has many inventions and discoveries on its name because of its great thinkers. It is also home to some great writers like Leo Tolstoy and Vladimir Nabokov.

    Saint Petersburg, Russia

  5. Government and Economy: Like any other country, the Russian government is known as the Federal Assembly. The upper house of the Parliament is called as Federation Council and lower house as State Duma. Russia was a democracy until the time of Boris Yeltsin. Today, it follows a Semi-Presidential political system.After splitting from the Soviet Union, the economy of Russia through its effective strategies have strengthened itself, from being central market to the global market, thus integrating markets globally. For any economy, this is a very important step towards its development. With this, Russia even tops the table in being the world’s largest exporter of metals like steel and aluminum. It is also the largest producer of natural gas.

The perfect blend of culture, beauty, and food with an unmatched lifestyle, Russia is certainly a country worth exploring! The fabulous monuments, forests, lakes, mountains, and the delicious vodka, will tempt you to visit this country over and over again!

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top Five Facts about Russia

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