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Top 5 Things To Consider While Selecting A College

University Students

It’s the favourite time of the year as yet another batch at a school concludes its tumultuous journey and the freshman year at colleges is pending its commencement. While some students may face difficulty in adapting to such tremendous changes, others may be holding their breath to the exhilarating excitement of college life that awaits them.

Striking the right balance between academics and extra curriculars is the key to the most successful college life with a few injections of fun and drama to spice things up. Since every kid enrolling for a college suffers from a dilemma regarding which college to opt for, we bring to you the key elements to be considered while choosing one.

  1. The Tuition Fee
    Everyone knows it is hard to recover from students’ debts, the weight of which several students carry on their shoulders, not realising their poor decision-making abilities while they were choosing their college. College debts can be high and a debt that involves a decade of repayment certainly should not be decided upon hastily.Certain universities often provide their students aids and give them grants and scholarships, which could be the chief aspect to look up for in case the cost of tuition of your dream college is particularly high.

    University Students

  2. Placements and the Alumni Network
    The website of every college contains information about their placement drives and the list of companies which visited the college for recruitment. The worth of your cost of education could be decided by the kind of packages offered by big multinational companies to the students. A prospective student must consider the kind of companies that are visiting the college campus at the conclusion of the final year. A great alumni network is a big yes-yes too! It comes in handy especially during the internship season.Stepping into the real world with the weight of your career is a major challenge and job opportunities is one such step in the journey of your career; the college would play a major role in deciding your placement in a well sought company.

    University Students

  3. College Societies and Extra-Curricular
    All study and no play makes jack a dull boy, and that saying goes very well as soon as you step into your college life. Nobody wants to be a nerd who sticks its head in books all day long. College is a very good platform to explore yourself and meet new people and broaden your horizons. A good college can prove to be a sanctuary of diversity, with college societies playing a major role. As demanding as they could be, a society matching your true talent will certainly help you uplift and grow. Therefore, one can recognise and polish their talents while pursuing their majors. Plus, it’s a great relief from the hectic academic schedule.University Students
  4. Location
    You might not believe it yet but location can be a major factor while deciding the worth of a college. A college which is well within your reach may not require too much energy while traveling; on the other hand, a college in a completely different area, which is well outside the idea of ‘convenient traveling’, may suck your energy up by the time you reach college and render you inattentive and ineffective during lectures and completion of assignment tasks. You can consider being a paying guest or taking hostel accommodation, if you think you cannot bear the load of daily travelling.Another aspect of this is how strategically the college is located in terms of commercial viability. Is the industry that concerns you flourishing in the area where the college is located? Because this can be a major factor in how many recruiters your college gets and how easy would it be for you to land a good internship.

    University Students

  5. Deciding upon your Major
    It may sound a bit premature but having your major decided can make half of your worries go away. Every college is best in a certain subject, so you can narrow down your research by having your major decided. Certain colleges also provide research facilities in addition to undergraduate degrees and therefore, can help you immensely in ceasing your hunt for a perfect college.University Students

All this meticulous research and adherence to due diligence may sound a bit tiring but the stakes are too high as a college locks your subsequent years of life and lays the path for further development in your career and life!

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