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America’s Fashion Capitals: Best Fashion Destinations In The United States

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America is the land of dreams and progressive ideas where the best of the world heritage and culture is fused with modernity. Naturally, lot of fashion revolutions happened in this gifted land. It is also home to street style fashion which has been gaining much attention all over the world.

For all the fashion lovers who want to explore the best of fashion through travel in the United States, here are the best destinations which give the magical experience of trendiness in clothing.

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Here is the list of top fashion cities In The United States for 2019:

  1. New York City, NY: Look for haute coutre and Brooklyn side for amazing fashion inspirations. You will meet a global audience who are in look out for the best trends in clothing. The choice of colors here is bold, lively and also quite non-conformist in appearance. The best part of New York is, the clothing is every customer friendly and give a warm vibe!
    Number of fashion stores: 4,359
    Luxury fashion stores: 71
    Median household income: $71,681

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  2. Los Angeles, CA: The glitz hub of America will surely make to the top list of fashion destinations. Follow the celebrity looks, the most upbeat trends, and hottest mix and match ideas for the right outfit. California is known for its high fashion sense and tremendous styling ideas as well.
    Number of fashion stores: 3,793
    Luxury fashion stores: 43
    Median household income: $61,067

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  3. San Francisco: There is a sweet blend between sophistication and creativity when the fashion scene of San Francisco is concerned. From punk to funk, SF has it all! The city’s multitude of ups and downs in hilly areas is clearly visible in the comfortable clothing scenario of this gifted city.
    Number of fashion stores: 680
    Luxury fashion stores: 26
    Median household income: $106,898

  4. Atlanta: Along with the city, the neighborhoods including Decatur and Inman Park speak of colorful styles in clothing. The bold southern feel of USA is clearly visible in Atlanta’s fashion scene. Also, get a thrill of Hip-hop street vibes in the clothing.
    Number of fashion stores: 511
    Luxury fashion stores: 16
    Median household income: $83,703


  5. Miami: The year-round tropical climate in here reflects in the floral, beachy fashion sense around. South Beach’s soft sand attracts much fashion sense over the decades. Many legends like Gianni Versace and Proenza Schouler and popular modeling agencies Wilhelmina, Elite and William Morris have their head offices here. The street style here is quite appealing, adorable and also pocket-friendly.
    Number of fashion stores: 285
    Luxury fashion stores: 14
    Median household income: $34,134


  6. Austin: The best of Texas fashion can be seen in Austin. It is musical, laid back, overwhelming and at the same time quite appealing as well.
    Number of fashion stores: 729
    Luxury fashion stores: 9
    Median household income: $64,063

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  7. Portland: The fashion sense here is unique, not too conventional and also has a weird shade. From grunge to hipster influences, the fashion ideas here are quite amazing to look for. There is a beautiful minimalistic feel associated with the choice of colors and the attire. For all those contemporary fashion souls, Portland is a heaven on Earth!
    Number of fashion stores: 584
    Luxury fashion stores: 7
    Median household income: $62,158


  8. Nashville: While country music is the ruler of roost in this area, it is also known for upbeat street fashion. There is a fusion of country, rock and roll, classiness and also a bit of funkiness in the fashion choices here. The place is also famous for tattoos which is an essential fashion statement. The hippie vibe comprising of denim, pure cotton clothing, summery colors and well-worn boots define the fashion trend in Nashville.
    Number of fashion stores: 445
     Luxury fashion stores: 4
    Median household income: $57,571

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