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Best Winery Destinations In Europe

Alentejo, Portugal

Out of many intoxicating beverages available in the market, Wine offers a special significance. With history dating back to Christ era, Wine tasting is considered to be a subtle art along with a ritual with sanctity as well. As times passed by, the making of wine has become quite an interesting activity which makes an important part of traveling.

No other continent apart from Europe could offer the best range of wineries with different tastes, unique preparing techniques and so on.

For all the wine lovers, visiting Europe would be incomplete without paying a visit to these breathtaking winery destinations!

  1. Alentejo- Portugal: Wines are considered to be an emblem of this and that itself explains why it has made to the top of our list. A cultivated area of around 22,000 hectares is possible wine heaven on Earth! Visit Borba during November when the  Festa de Vinha e Do Vinho takes place- which is a wine festival attracting people all over the world. Historically, wine was stored in clay pots named Tasquinas which gives them the unique taste.
  2. Bordeaux- France: Having wine is a French tradition for so long and visiting Bordeaux will make your day colourful.  Visit Saint Emilion for their fantastic wine and also visit the pre-historic village there. This area is also recognized as UNESCO world heritage site and has been since medieval era.

    Chateau de Malle, Bordeaux, France

  3. The Douro Valley (Pinhao), Portugal: Have the  table wine and port wine at this hilly area where the grapes are cultivated. Travel either by air, train to this world heritage UNESCO site. Visit Miranda do Douro where the river enters Portugal and experience the local atmosphere with numerous villages and towns on the way.

    Douro Valley (Pinhao), Portugal

  4. Tuscany- Italy: The heritage town is a must visit for wine lovers for the stand out cities such as Florence. The amazing islands of Tuscan Archipelago with Mediterranean vegetation along with crystal clear seas.  Admire the Apuan Alps and protected areas such as  Orbetello Lagoon to visit a species of migrant birds like pink egrets.

    Tuscany, Italy

  5. Champagne-Ardenne, France: This region is quite known for the quality of wineyards and the cover is almost over 300,000 hectares long. The cultural heritage here is a must visit around the area of Champagne-Ardenne.

    Champagne-Ardenne, France

  6. Eger- Hungary: Known as the valley of the Beautiful Lady, this sweet town at the outskirts of Hungary is a delight. Look for vintage wines which even won awards from Bourdeaux Wine Olympics. Taste Egri Bikaver and Egri Csillag which are the delicacies of the region.
  7. Catalonia- Spain: The Mediterranean climate here is perfect for growing high quality wines. With ideal climate in all the seasons whether rainfall, summers or springs, Catalonia can be visited at any time of the year.
  8. Piedmont- Italy: The northwest borders of Italy to France and Switzerland is surrounded by the Alps on the three sides giving it a breathtaking view. Watch for the picturesque valleys Val di Susa, Valsesia and Val d’Ossola while sipping the world’s best wines ever!

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