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Top CEOs And Business Leaders On Twitter: You Should Be Following

From Elan Musk to Larry Ellison, today, we’ve compiled a list of the some of the top CEOs and business leaders you should follow on Twitter. Love them or hate them, these business leaders like Mark Cuban and Satya Nadella leave their marks on the world.

Based on their influence and interactions, Here’s a list of the top CEOs and business Leader worth following on Twitter.

Here goes!

CEO Name
Twitter Name
Elan Musk @elonmusk
Richard Branson @richardbranson
Tim Cook @tim_cook
Mark Cuban @mcuban
Lord Sugar @Lord_Sugar
John Legere @JohnLegere
Jack Dorsey @jack
Aaron Levie @levie
Marissa Mayer @marissamayer
Satya Nadella @satyanadella
Tony Fernades @tonyfernandes
Sundar Pichai @sundarpichai
Warren Buffett @WarrenBuffett
Dr Amarendra Bhushan @ceoworld
Michael Dell @MichaelDell
Marc Benioff @Benioff
Larry Kim @larrykim
Jeff Weiner @jeffweiner
Jeffrey Bezos @JeffBezos
Dave Asprey @bulletproofexec
Drew Houston @drewhouston
Tamara McCleary @TamaraMcCleary
Meg Whitman @MegWhitman
Olga Kay @OlgaKay
Bryan Kramer @bryankramer
Thubten @thubten
Ashley @AshAlexiss
Marcelo Claure @marceloclaure
Mark Zuckerberg @MarkZuckerbergF
David Gold @davidgold
John Hall @johnhall
Debra Ruh @debraruh
Evan Kirstel @evankirstel
Flint Bedrock @flintbedrock
John Lincoln @johnelincoln
Gurbaksh Chalal @gchahal
Rui Delgado @rui
Joseph Steinberg @JosephSteinberg
Mike Kawula @MikeKawula
Shelly Kramer @ShellyKramer
Michael Saylor @michael_saylor
Larry Ellison @larryellison
Ian Matthews @iancsmatthews
Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael
Holly Ransom @HollyRansom
Nika Stewart @NikaStewart
Rod Berger @drrodberger
Spencer Rascoff @spencerrascoff
Aseem Badshad @aseemb
Danny Gibson @DannyG_inkster
Danielle Morrill @DanielleMorrill
Mark Hurd @MarkVHurd
JM Alvarez-Pallete @jmalvpal
Jacqueline Gold @Jacqueline_Gold
Caen Contee @caencontee
Josef Holm @josefholm
Keith Krach @KeithJKrach
Jennifer Hyman @Jenn_RTR
Lee Ann Allman @leeannallman
Peter Bordes @PeterBordes
Rob Peters @StandardofTrust
Shashwat Pradhan @shashwatpradhan
Brit Morin @brit
Paolo Privitera @pppaolo
Christo Fouch @christofouche
Brian Lischer @BrianLischer
Kevin Crenshaw @kcren
Sebastian James @DCSebJ
GP Pulipaka @gp_pulipaka
David Prasser @DavidRPrasser
Jack Parsons @JackParsons_CEO
Jason Will @jasonbwill
MariAnne @VanellaGroup
David Jones @davidjonesOYW
Reed Hastings @reedhastings
Ronan Dunne @RonanDunneVZW
Chuck Robbins @ChuckRobbins
Juliet Funt @whitespaceatwrk
Steve Zeitch @SteveZeitch
Tikhon Bernstam @tikhon
Cheryl Burgess @ckburgess
Sherry Chris @sherrychris
Tim Jackson @TimWJackson
Jim McCarthy @goldstarjim
Mauro Biasolo @MauroBiasolo
David Meltzer @davidmeltzer
Jon Ferrar @Jon_Ferrara
Yaqui Nunez @yaqui
Sarah Kunst @sarahkunst
Gil Eyal @gileyal
Tom Riley @imtomriley 
Ginny Rometty @GinniRometty
Suzi Day @suziday123
Stephen Kelly @SKellyCEO
Cindy Whitehead @cindypinkceo
George Schildge @gschildge
Jeremy Bloom @JeremyBloom11
Javier beBee @JavierBeBee
Ayah Bdeir @ayahbdeir
Helena Morrissey @MorrisseyHelena

Who are your favourite CEOs And Business Leaders on Twitter?

Share them in the comments below or get in touch with us on Twitter @ceoworld.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - Top CEOs And Business Leaders On Twitter: You Should Be Following
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