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Amazing Snow Fall Settings During Winter in the World


Snowfall is often associated with poetry, beauty and of course the festive Christmas season. It brings a sense of hope, adoration and also an amazing sense of prettiness to the whole area. In chilly winters where people can’t even go outdoors for a stroll or have some outdoor activities, the presence of snowfall is quite comforting.

Especially for people who live in hotter side of the planet where snowfall is almost like a dream, visiting such places is like one memorable experience altogether.

Here are some of such destinations which have the best ever snowfall in the world to experience the magical bliss of winters:

  1. Chicago, United States: Watch the world famous Michigan lake freeze during winter and witness, the amazing city covered in snow in a poetic fashion. The city is bustling with energy always and during winters, the Christmas vibes surely add to the snowfall beauty.
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  2. Tallinn, Estonia: This old world town transforms to a winter wonderland when the snow falls. With the old-time castles and relaxed streets, watch the snow fall gracefully over the hundred years of heritage which still remains intact in the roots.

    Tallinn, Estonia
  3. Yosemite, California: The breathtaking redwood trees and snowy cliffs look enchantingly brilliant in the snowfall here. Also, indulge in multiple adventurous activities which involves snowfall to make it even more fun.
  4. Kashmir, India: Looking for a bit of ancient heritage and rich history along with snowfall? Kashmir is the best place to visit. The beauty of Himalayas can be witnessed during the snowfall and also pay a visit to the icy Dal lake to get the best of the destination.
  5. Prague, Czech Republic: Snowfall on those medieval buildings and destinations is another amazing feat to look at. The wooden huts is another delight to look for during the chilly winters!
  6. Hallstatt, Austria: The most beautiful village of the world offers snowfall at its pristine form along with relaxing vibes it offers. The snow-covered mountains in the backdrop along with the snowflakes on the village is a breathtaking sight.
  7. Lapland, Finland: Watch the dancing northern lights in the sky when snow falls over forgive an experience of a lifetime. The chilly winters become even more welcoming with a dash of snowfall in a graceful fashion.
  8. Schloss Neuschwanstein, Germany: If you love the dreamy fairytale kind of a destination, this is the perfect place for you.  The grand castle on the hilltop with falling snowflakes is a sheer delight to watch.
  9. Andermatt, Switzerland: Though Switzerland is known for snowfall almost all the times of the year, the winter makes it even more beautiful to watch. This cozy little snow-capped town is an absolute delight to watch.

    Andermatt, Switzerland
  10. Harbin, China: This breathtaking destination holds the snow and ice festival annually and obviously the perfect place to visit.

    Harbin city in China
  11. New York, United States: When the legendary Jazz singer Frank Sinatra sang “New York, New York” , he knew the reason. The bustling city is a sheer delight to watch during winters in the snowfall and witness the historic Brooklyn bridge is an amazing place to watch in snowfall as well!

    New York

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