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Leadership Changes at the University of Nebraska

University of Nebraska Board of Regents Chairman Tim Clare has proposed the appointment of Chris Kabourek, the current Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer with 26 years of service at the university, as the interim president. The recommendation will be presented at the Board’s meeting on December 1, and if approved, Kabourek will assume the role alongside his CFO responsibilities on January 1, 2024.

This transition follows the departure of the current President, Ted Carter. President Ted Carter is leaving to assume the presidency at Ohio State University, and the Board is actively conducting a national search for a permanent successor.

Board of Regents Vice Chairman Rob Schafer commended Kabourek’s strategic thinking, trustworthiness, and responsible stewardship of the university’s resources. President Ted Carter expressed confidence in Kabourek’s leadership for the interim role.

Chairman Clare expressed the critical juncture the University of Nebraska is facing and highlighted Kabourek’s experience, relationships, and expertise as valuable assets during this leadership transition. Kabourek, who hails from David City, Nebraska, and is a first-generation college student with an MBA from the University of Nebraska, has been the CFO since 2018. In this capacity, he oversees financial and administrative services supporting the NU System’s $3.3 billion operating budget. Kabourek has been instrumental in the university’s financial strategy, deferred maintenance plan, credit rating achievements, and the development of financial aid programs.

Kabourek, who joined the university in 1997, rose through progressive leadership roles and has actively contributed to strategic planning, legislative budget requests, and financial aid programs. He emphasized his commitment to supporting the University of Nebraska’s bold plan for improvement during the transition period.


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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Leadership Changes at the University of Nebraska
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