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Technology meets humanity
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Will YOU be Replaced by AI? Embracing the Human Elements of Service

In this ever-evolving technological era, business leaders are increasingly turning to tools like artificial intelligence (AI) to navigate the challenges of a tight labor market, inflation, and changing consumer preferences. While AI is a game changer, it has yet to rival human empathy, compassion, or gratitude. I am currently working...
Dmitrii Kucher
CEO Advisory

Emerging Technologies in GovTech

With smartphones, we now have the ability to monitor our physical activity, purchase plane tickets, and conduct business discussions with colleagues from anywhere in the world. However, when it comes to accessing public services, the process is far from being seamless. For example, in the US, only two percent of...
Fashion Industry
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Thriving in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is notoriously challenging, characterized by rapidly changing trends, fierce competition, and economic uncertainties. Many brands emerge each year, but only a few manage to establish a lasting presence. Faviana is one such brand that has not only survived but thrived, carving out a niche in the competitive...
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