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Avery Carl’s The Short Term Shop Takes the Crown as Global #1 Team at EXPCon 2023

Avery Carl

Avery Carl, a shining star in the realm of short-term rentals and CEO of The Short Term Shop, took center stage at this year’s highly anticipated EXPCON conference in Las Vegas. Her team was celebrated with the coveted title of #1 Team in The World, excelling in all three pivotal categories—Sales Volume, Number of Sales, and Gross Commission Income. 

This win solidifies Carl’s position as a true trailblazer, redefining industry standards. We sat down with Carl to discuss this remarkable accomplishment and what it means for The Short Term Shop as the company continues to broaden its benchmarks and teach new investors how to get started in vacation rentals. 

Winning Top Team Worldwide at EXPCon 2023

EXPCon, the annual conference hosted by EXP Realty, provides a vibrant convergence point for real estate professionals worldwide. While EXP Realty primarily operates in the virtual realm, EXPCon brings together agents, brokers, and other key players for one of the largest in-person gatherings in the real estate industry.

The recognition bestowed upon The Short Term Shop, is a testament to Carl’s incredible journey, given her humble start. From a single property to her name, Carl has built an impressive portfolio of over 250 investment properties, spanning short-term rentals, long-term rentals, and multifamily apartment buildings. 

Named in Wall Street Journal’s top ten real estate agents this year, as well as the New York Times’ Elite 100, Carl has overseen the sale of more than $2.5 billion worth of short-term and vacation rentals, and she’s now dedicated to helping others follow a similar path to financial freedom.

In Carl’s own words, “I am so proud of my team and what we have accomplished this year. We are truly transforming the way investors participate in the short-term rental market, giving them the tools to succeed across every region that we operate in and on every short-term rental booking platform.”

During her award acceptance speech for The Top Team Worldwide Award, Carl went on to express her gratitude, “Most of all, I’d like to thank the clients of The Short Term Shop. We would have never achieved this milestone if you hadn’t entrusted us to help you in the short-term rental investment space again and again, and for that, I truly thank all of you.”

The Top Team Worldwide Award is not just an accolade for Avery but also a recognition of the dedicated realtors and brokers across twelve different states, including Tennessee, The Carolinas, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Arizona, Oklahoma, Missouri, Virginia, and Washington, who are part of The Short Term Shop family.

Why The Short Term Shop’s Approach is so Unique

What sets The Short Term Shop apart from other real estate firms is its distinct approach to the “new school of thought” in real estate, which is self-management and short-term rentals. The Short Term Shop connects investors with a wide network of professionals, from HVAC to landscapers, empowering them to manage their properties with confidence and avoid paying hefty management fees, which can sometimes reach up to 40% of the gross income.

As Carl elaborated, “You can 100 percent do this yourself. I help my clients get over the hump of thinking the old way, which is ‘’I have to use a property manager.’”

Carl’s expertise in the short-term rental sector makes her a sought-after contributor to platforms like BiggerPockets and other real estate community hubs, including EXP Realty.

Reflecting on her journey, Avery relayed at the conference, “Before I built this extensive real estate portfolio I had a modest music marketing job. I want people to realize they can achieve success no matter where they begin. I didn’t have a privileged background or influential connections when I started, and I think others in similar circumstances hesitate to begin because they believe they need those advantages, but they don’t.”

Carl’s story is an inspiration for anyone seeking to break free from a conventional nine-to-five day job. More millionaires are made in real estate than in any other sector combined – about ninety percent. Carl’s journey provides a detailed blueprint for how determination and hard work can lead a self-described ‘ordinary person’ to achieve this remarkable feat and grow beyond it.

About Avery Carl

Avery Carl, Founder of The Short Term Shop brokered by EXP, was named one of Newsweek’s Top 500 agents in 2020, Wall Street Journal’s Top 100 in 2021, Top 50 in 2022, and Top 10 in 2023, as well as the New York Times Top 100 in 2022. She and her team focus exclusively on vacation rental and short-term rental clients, having closed well over $2.5B in sales. To join over 5,000 happy Short Term Shop investors, please visit

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Tech and Innovation - Avery Carl’s The Short Term Shop Takes the Crown as Global #1 Team at EXPCon 2023
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