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Eric Spofford
CEO Spotlight

Eric Spofford Is Turning People’s Lives Around as a Business Athlete

Addiction has helped many individuals change their lives, and Eric Spofford has been able to teach others how to do the same. In addition to being the CEO of Spofford Enterprises, he describes himself as a "business athlete," fusing his successes in the business world with his addiction struggles. His...
Robert T. Hastings
CEO Spotlight

A Leader Forged Through Service: Robert T. Hastings on Leadership, Strategic Communications and Shaping Perceptions

For more than 25 years, Robert T. Hastings has been a leader in strategic communications and marketing - helping shape narratives and drive important conversations across military, government, and corporate environments. Today, he leads his own consultancy firm, Robert Hastings & Associates, providing C-Suite advisory services for the aerospace, defense,...
Gary Kusin
CEO Briefing

My Smartest Mistake

I learned about rewards and recognition the hard way. Throughout my career, I was known for being a strong leader with front line team members. So, when we decided to adopt 360-degree feedback at Kinko’s, the company name prior to becoming FedEx Office, I felt very confident. It would present...
Banking and FinanceSuccess and Leadership

Morgan Stanley Private Equity Asia Undergoes Strategic Reorganization in the Region as CEO Chin Chou Retires

In a significant development, Morgan Stanley Private Equity Asia (PEA) is undergoing a strategic realignment in the Asian region following the retirement of its current Chief Executive of Asia, Chin Chou. This restructuring, as detailed in an internal memo, marks a pivotal moment for the renowned financial institution. A notable...
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