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A Revolution Has Begun in America’s Health Care Coverage

Americans spend more on medical care as a percentage of GDP than any other nation. For the decade ending in 2020, insurance premiums rose 47 percent and deductibles jumped nearly 69 percent. Even with employer-based medical insurance benefits, employees now pay on average nearly $6,000 toward their employers’ average of $22,221...
Steve McKnight
Big Picture

The Recipe for Getting Rich

It turns out there is a recipe for getting rich. Even better, it’s straightforward to understand as there are only three ingredients: savings, return and time.  Here’s how it works. Savings You won’t get rich by saving, but you can’t get rich without saving. Your savings are what’s left over...
Dr. Darwin Hale
Business Transformation

Veteran & CEO Profile: Dr. Darwin Hale’s Mission to Educate People to Make Empowered Healthcare Decisions

As an entrepreneur, decorated officer, and veteran of the United States Army Reserves, Dr. Darwin Hale’s mission goes far beyond the battlefield. His company, Advocate Health Advisors, is a national field marketing organization (FMO) in the Medicare market. The company's mission is to help older Americans navigate the complex healthcare...
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