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From starters to dessert: Mastering the art of Champagne pairings


Champagne, a sparkling wine celebrated for its effervescence and sophistication, has graced countless occasions and milestones. While it is often associated with toasts and celebrations, its diverse range of flavours and styles make it suitable for pairing with a wide variety of dishes. This versatility, coupled with its unique flavour profiles, allows champagne to complement everything from starters to desserts. 

Starters with Champagne – the perfect opening

Champagne, with its effervescent bubbles and complex flavour profiles, has long been associated with luxury and celebration. But beyond its traditional role in toasts and milestones, it can be an exquisite partner for various starters. 

Its carbonation, acidity and range of flavours make it versatile enough to be paired with a wide variety of dishes. From the delicate taste of fresh oysters to the rich flavours of foie gras terrine, a good bottle of Champagne can both contrast and enhance, creating a harmonious symphony of flavours on the palate.

Think of the timeless elegance of a smoked salmon blini or the richness of a truffle risotto; paired with the right Champagne, these dishes are elevated to a whole new level. 

For lighter fare, think ceviche or steak tartare, where the acidity of the dish matches the crispness of the wine. At the other end of the spectrum, heavier starters such as duck confit or lobster bisque are balanced by Champagnes with more body and depth. 

Main course pairings with Champagne – the highlight of the menu

Champagne’s acidity, carbonation and range of flavours allow it to stand up to both delicate and robust main courses.

For lighter fare, a Brut Non-Vintage Champagne can complement dishes such as grilled sea bass, poached salmon or even a simple chicken salad. 

On the other hand, the richness and complexity of a Vintage Champagne can complement more intense flavours such as roast duck, beef Wellington or truffle risotto. 

Rosé Champagnes, with their unique notes of berries and red fruit, also pair beautifully with dishes such as lamb, roast turkey or even sushi. 

Dessert pairings with Champagne – a complete indulgence

While Champagne is widely revered for its ability to adapt to different food combinations, pairing it with desserts brings out an intriguing palette of sweet, bitter and sparkling notes that enhance the overall dining experience. 

From a traditional tarte tatin with caramelised apples to a rich chocolate mousse, the effervescence of Champagne works wonders to cut through the sweetness and provide a balanced finish. 

Similarly, the creamy layers of a classic tiramisu are complemented by the acidity and crispness of a Brut Champagne.

At the lighter end of the dessert spectrum, fruity concoctions such as berry pavlovas or lemon sorbets can be paired with a demi-sec or rosé Champagne, where the wine’s fruity undertones resonate with the dessert’s primary flavours. 

Even the nutty and spicy profiles of desserts such as almond financier or cinnamon churros can find their sparkling counterpart in Champagne’s vast range.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - From starters to dessert: Mastering the art of Champagne pairings
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