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Top Medical Colleges In Argentina

Pursuing medical science in Argentina can be a unique and intriguing experience for students. Why? Well, there are more than one reason for it. First, education quality in the nation is at par with the international education system, and the curriculum is upgraded with time. In addition, the universities’ accommodation facilities are great, making it easy for students to get acquainted with the Argentinian lifestyle. Below are some of the top universities in the country renowned for their medical program.

Why Study in Argentina?

Argentina has public and private medical schools, making pursuing medical degrees easier than in other countries. Typically each university offers a 6-year course to the students, but some programs last for seven years too. However, completing eight months of community service without pay is required before graduating from medical school.

  1. University Of Buenos Aires Faculty Of MedicineThe University Of Buenos Aires is the finest medical academy in Argentina and has four rounds to the curriculum. The overall course at the institute is divided into four main cycles such as:
    The standard basic cycle covers the content of the first year of study. It is more like an entry into the various departments of the center of learning.
    The biomedical cycle teaches the essentials of medicine.
    The clinical cycle delves deeper into the essentials of medicine and teaches practical study in the associated hospitals.
    The annual rotating cycle is more like an internship carried out in hospital teaching units.
  2. University Of Mendoza School of Medicine 

    The University of Mendoza was founded in 1959 and is a non-profit medical institute. This college contains a school of medication specializing in areas such as nursing, medicine, surgery, clinical pathology, and other fields. What makes the institute different from the rest is its curriculum. Unlike other education schools in the country, the college has five years of medical program and a year of mandatory final practice. Students who take part in the course rotate between the primary specialties in their last 6th year, such as pediatrics, internal medication, gynecology, surgery, primary care, and rural primary care.

  3. National University Of La Rioja Medical School in ArgentinaSituated in the province of La Rioja, another academy provides a 6-year medical degree. The best thing about this university is that it is a public institute that does not charge tuition fees to students. In addition, the college is primarily devoted to teaching. It has multiple campuses as well as associated hospitals to its name.
  4. University Of Salvador School Of Medicine 

    This Jesuit university is located in Buenos Aires and was founded in 1958. The college boasts a whopping student population, with over 20,000 undergraduates and over 8,000 graduate students enrolled in 2012. The faculty of medicine at this institute provides a 6-year medical degree and is often touted to be the best among the leading medical colleges in Argentina.

  5. National University Of Cuyo Medical School Argentina 

    The National University of Cuyo is helmed as the most prominent institute in the Mendoza province, with 12 academic schools to its name. Established in the year 1950, the School of Medicine in the college provides a medical degree that lasts six years. One of the prime aims of the institute is to train future professionals academically and meet the community’s health needs more effectively. During the 60 years of its operation, the academy has trained most doctors and nurses working in the country’s Central West.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top Medical Colleges In Argentina

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