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Top Bike Designers In Germany

When it comes to manufacturing high-end motorcycles, Germany always secures the top spot. The country has been a part of the bike business since the turn of the 20th century. It is renowned for producing top-quality two-wheelers that cater to the international market. Below, we will discuss some renowned national designers famous for creating the best motorbikes.

  1. DKWDKW was founded by the Danish Engineer Jorgen Skafte Rasmussen in 1904. The company was then merged with Audi, Horsch, and Wanderer in 1932 to form the Auto Union, which eventually became famous as Audi. Not many people know this, but DKW was touted as the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturer between the two world wars. The bikes produced by the organization were very successful in racing and stood out in innovation and engineering.
  2. KreidlerKreidler is a German bike brand which was founded in 1903. The company became a household name in the 70s thanks to the success of the super lightweight 50cc motorcycles. However, despite the massive popularity of its two-wheelers, the company went bankrupt in 1982 and lives today as a manufacturer of e-bikes.
  3. HorexHorex is one of the few German bike brands that have been resurrected in recent years. This great company was founded in 1923 by Fritz Kleeman and was named after his hometown Homburg and his father’s preservative jar company Rex. Horex was among the first few companies to introduce 600cc and 800cc parallel twins five years before the Triumph. However, Horex officially ran out of business due to bankruptcy in 2014 and hasn’t reappeared again.
  4. KalexKalex deserves a place in German motorbike history as their chassis has remained the undisputed winner of the Moto2 World Championship title for the last ten years. The company was founded in 2008 and started supplying chassis to the Moto2 teams in 2010. According to recent developments, the organization has been working with Honda Racing Corporation to develop new swing arms for RC213V.
  5. MunchFreidl Munch started the company which is in Koln, Germany. Known for producing a range of high-performance motorcycles, the brand is famous for creating the Munch Mammut powered by the NSU car engine with 55 horsepower. The firm is also renowned for manufacturing Munch4 1200TTS with 88 horsepower and a 1,117cc 4-cylinder engine. The Munch4 1200TTS weighed 661 pounds, and less than 500 bikes were produced before officially closing in 1975.
  6. M.ZAfter BMW, M.Z is Germany’s most well-known and popular motorbike manufacturer. The company is located in Zschopau, Saxony, and is known for producing cost-effective two-stroke motorcycles. Besides building bikes, M.Z has also tasted great success through racing, winning the International 6-Day Trial Six times. In addition, the brand was a serious contender in Grand Prix racing with 13 wins and scoring 105 podium finishes between 1955 and 1976. The company closed down soon after the fall of communism in 1993.
  7. ZundappZundapp is a German motorbike company that was founded in 1917. The firm has several two-wheelers to its name, including KS600 and KS750, and has garnered success in off-road motorcycle sports in the 50s. Zundapp’s use of quality engineering, durability, and innovative designs in all its models makes it stand out. From 1931, the organization worked with Ferdinand Porsche developing the very first Volkswagen. Zundapp was officially declared bankrupt in 1982 after being adversely affected by the rise of the Japanese motorcycle industry in the 60s.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - Top Bike Designers In Germany
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