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Ideal Lighting According To Parisian Style

According to the rules of Interior Decoration of Paris, lighting is the most critical element in the house’s composition. Natural lighting during the day is always the first solution, and any artificial source is usually avoided. The interior layout is done while the architect keeps the daylight in mind. The sunlight regulates the space’s atmosphere. The Parisian style, both in fashion and beauty, as well as in decoration and lifestyle, has spread throughout the world as an elegant standard. The unpretentious, but at the same time incredibly chic, trend that started from the most magnificent city in the world has provided many elements in the design. Building a house from scratch to include the French ideas about lighting is eccentric. Still, we can easily add details from the Parisian house to our own.
The aim is to create a sweet, warm, and romantic environment, so soft light is ideal. Remember that France is famous worldwide as the country of romance, and Paris is the most popular destination for honeymoons. Therefore, their lighting suggestions could not have other criteria in mind.
It is advisable to have several different light sources in each room, to adjust the intensity and quality of the light according to the mood. Generally, lighting and colors are the two main elements that allow us to change the whole image of a house. With small interventions, one can completely alter the way their house looks. Below we will see the ideal lighting for each of the important spaces of a home, according to the ideal Parisian house.

  1. Kitchen
    In Paris, they often use the kitchen as a ”reception” area. For this reason, it is the main point for highlighting the warm atmosphere of the house. In general, two different illuminating moods can harmoniously coexist here. The sweet, soft light is suitable for the area of meals, meetings, and discussions during the launch. In contrast, a more intense and strong light is needed for the workplace and food preparation for practical reasons.
  2. Lounge
    In the living room, light is used to create the right angles that allow the space to seem bigger. The many small fixtures, versus a single one on the ceiling, are the ones that make the difference. All lamps are selected at low intensity. One idea is to choose a luminaire that can adjust its volume. In addition, candles are the perfect addition to the atmosphere of the living room as well, since they contribute to the romantic climate that is always desirable. However, it is advisable to be placed in higher places to avoid harsh shadows on the faces.
  3. Bedroom
    And here, of course, the light should be sweet. In addition to flattering the silhouette and textures, it gives the ideal feeling for relaxation and rest. We strongly suggest having a source of the main lighting, for example, from the bedside lamp and not from a ceiling lamp, to achieve soft light. Of course, the use of candles is a good choice because it always offers positive elements in the space. In the Parisian house, everything is about romance.
  4. Bathroom
    For French people, even in the bathroom, lighting is important. Lighting in the bathroom should be flattering. This will not only increase the self-confidence and mood of those who use it but also ensure a sought-after, warm atmosphere. The choice of several lighting sources is necessary again, depending on the bathroom use on each occasion. If additional light is needed for auxiliary use, one more lamp with a stronger intensity can be added. This lamp will only be used when necessary.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Agenda - Ideal Lighting According To Parisian Style
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