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White Sneakers: The Ultimate Must Of Spring 2023

White sneakers are undoubtedly the most must-have trend this spring. You can wear them with everything and look stylish while ensuring the most comfortable walking. Let’s see what kind of white sneakers we will see in the stores this year and some ideas about the outfits you should create to impress.

  • Classic Nike
    A classic Nike Sport is one of the safest choices you can make. It is the kind of shoe that is worth investing in because it will last many years and will never go out of fashion. Wear them with your overalls, your favorite jeans, or your pantyhose. You can also put on beautiful anklets to add a chic touch to your style.
  • Off white
    Instead of entirely white sneakers, you can choose some in an off-white color, such as ecru or light beige. New Balance sneakers can be worn equally correctly with an evening outfit or a suit. This combination will turn you into a real fashion girl.
  • 00’s vibes
    The Reebok sneakers remind us a little bit of the 00s era as, at the time, the specific style that gives strong street vibes was very in fashion. They have come back dynamically, and we suggest you wear them with a set of overalls in the color you prefer or crop jeans. Of course, do not forget the high white socks that will take off the look.
  • Platform sneakers
    The “chunky” sneakers with the high sole are the absolute trend of the season, and it is necessary to acquire a pair. Fila platform sneakers, in addition to white, have beige tones, making them very special and ideal for spring and summer.
  • Pop of pastels
    Another trend that we will see this spring is the white sneakers with pastel touches. Almost all companies have brought very beautiful pairs to this style. However, Adidas stands out. Combine them with any pants, whether jeans or not, with floral dresses, midi skirts, etc.
  • Outfit inspo
    I also have some chic outfits for you to get ideas on how to wear white sneakers. You can wear them with jeans, nice pants, leggings, a long or short coat, a dress or a jacket. They are practically worn with everything from morning to night and ensure ultimate comfort in your walk.

Adding the manicure in the picture
Along with the advent of this spring come new trends in nails. So nails could only follow the fashion and what this commands. So let’s discover the trends in colors that will dominate this year.

  • Chocolate Brown Nails
    The brown color has consolidated its presence, and many consider it the new black and white. It is ideal not only to combine it with white sneakers but also with beige and ecru. Its prevalence in nail trends is intense and includes all shades, from the lightest to the darkest. It is a color that matches almost all outfits, and what remains is to choose the shade that suits you best!
  • Floral Nail Manicure
    Since we are in spring, what better choice than a floral manicure? One of the very impressive nail trends that have made its presence dominant. The nails acquire a floral look in various shades, either more intense or romantic, depending on the mood. It is a trend that many companies choose on catwalks. A floral manicure combined with white sneakers and a floral dress is a highly classy option.
  • New French Manicure
    One of the most classic trends in nails is the French manicure. This year it departs from the basic white at the edges and is enriched with more colors and metallic notes. The result is awe-inspiring and will undoubtedly delight you. Together with your favorite white sneakers, put on a pair of jeans, and you will be very chic.
  • Deep Green
    The Green of FIR has gained a solid lead in the nail trends of the season. Deep intense color with an imposing result on the nails. An option that can be worn comfortably in spring but also in summer. Deep green is wonderfully combined with white sneakers since it can show the contrast between the two colors and underline their impression on the observers’ eyes.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - C-Suite Advisory - White Sneakers: The Ultimate Must Of Spring 2023
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