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Interview with Michael Given, Head of Sales at Hopp

Michael Given

What comes to mind when you hear the word “HOPP”? It’s something enjoyable and funny. If we told you that it also includes the concepts of environmental protection and sharing, would you be even more interested? Probably yes. 

Well, in 2019 Hopp developed an app with the vision of promoting micro-mobility and deployed 110 scooters at launch. Later, it raised $2.8 million in a seed round and has subsequently widened funding to facilitate the franchise model it operates today. 

Hopp was launched in the capital of Iceland by a team of software developers. There are currently 36 Hopp franchises operating around the world. A group of developers is trying to make a difference on a planet where some people still refuse to part with their cars. If you want to learn more about Hopp just continue reading the interview with Michael Given, Head of Sales at Hopp, for CEOWORLD magazine. 

Q: How did you manage to remain a carbon-negative company since your foundation?

Michael Given: Focus has always been placed on reducing our carbon emissions as much as possible and offsetting unavoidable emissions through responsible carbon sequestration. Emphasis is placed on re-use, to reduce waste across the business and ensure nothing in workshops that can be fixed or recycled is ever thrown away. Hopp works closely with our manufacturers to build more sustainable, durable and longer-lasting scooters to this effect. We’re also now designing our own spare parts here in Iceland to cut the carbon footprint of transport between countries. 

This year we signed an agreement with the ICF (Icelandic Carbon Fund) to sequester the additional carbon load produced during manufacture, shipping and production to ensure emissions that are created before the lifecycle of our direct operations are also factored into our calculations, in a bid to establish end to end carbon neutrality from cradle to grave of our scooters fleet.

Q: In how many cities all over the world do you operate, and what are your future plans?

Michael Given: There are currently 36 Hopp franchises operating around the world with many more in the process of onboarding and launch. Our hope is to provide a sustainable transport solution to all cities that currently suffer from a lack of critical public transport infrastructure. It is in these towns and cities that people are then forced to rely on private car ownership which in turn creates congestion and pollution. It is here that Hopp provides a key missing piece of the puzzle to the local community.

Q: What’s the number of Hopp electric scooters right now all over the world?

Michael Given: We are fast approaching 7000 scooters worldwide!

Q: What was your initial investment when starting the company, and what do you expect for its future development?

Michael Given: The company is bootstrapped by its founders who developed our award-winning app and deployed 110 scooters at launch. We later raised $2.8M in a seed round and have subsequently widened our funding to facilitate the franchise model we operate today.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Banking and Finance - Interview with Michael Given, Head of Sales at Hopp
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