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The 4 Pillars Of a Balanced Life – An Indian Approach

The ways life can be lived are several, yet some parameters will allow us to live in a better and more profound way. According to Indian philosophy, there are four pillars that provide the foundation for a balanced life, and they are all presented below.

  1. Enjoy as much as you want
    Among other exciting approaches, life can be seen as a fantastic amusement park. It is full of pleasure and things that are available for us to enjoy. Regardless of whether we realize it or not, many people out there will not allow themselves to enjoy it. Guilt is the main reason why people will get so stubborn when it comes to their personal satisfaction. The reason Earth looks like paradise is that it has to be attractive if it wants us to fight for our survival. If we did not have a nice ”home” to live in, why would we care to stay alive and reproduce to secure our species’ existence? Life is meant to provide joy, and in order to be balanced, we have to chase opportunities that will ensure the satisfaction of the body, the soul, and the mind. Pleasure and joy are not just about food and sleep. Our hearts also seek love, and our minds constantly ask us to feed them with knowledge through the beautiful process of learning. So, accepting joy will not only help the body but will also allow us to reach higher spiritual levels.
  2. Remember to include discipline
    Meanwhile, what about all the other times we have to work and struggle for our survival and well-being? These are still in the picture, and here comes the next principle. To be able to live happily long-term, we need to have the power to control ourselves. Sometimes we will have to sacrifice fun for improvement. To start with, one has to eat wisely. In addition, we all need to exercise often. Finally, we must be patient and work to gain everything we need for our survival. Survival comes first, which is why discipline and work are so important.
  3. The creative side of humans
    The next pillar of our approach in life is to be able to produce. Being productive will not only allow you to buy all those fancy things you saw in the magazine yesterday; it goes far beyond that. Producing is linked to the concept of being capable and the idea of being safe. As we see ourselves being able to produce stuff, we can reassure ourselves that our safety and prosperity are not an issue. Production is not necessarily linked to physical goods. One can produce new ideas that will lead the nation or even the world to innovative discoveries. The optimal thing to do is to produce what is missing from the world. If everyone grows potatoes, you can plant the seeds for the first apple tree. This is why marketing specialists always focus on finding the ”gap”; whatever is missing is the first one to produce. Gaps are everywhere, and we constantly have to keep them in mind.
  4. Offer and give back
    Finally, from whatever one manages to create, they have to be generous and kind to return a piece of that back to humanity. This is in perfect accordance with the idea of flow that exists in Eastern philosophy. If you have everything you need and you have been the producer of these riches, why would you bother to produce even more? Giving things to other people means you are left with less of these goods. When you put yourself in the process of sharing the things you have with other people, you immediately create the motivation that will keep you going. Now you are not being productive and creative only to satisfy yourself but also to offer to others. This action creates a new bond that allows you to connect with the whole and embrace the positive feelings that offering can provide to those who put it into their practice. This is also the best way to practice gratitude and include grace in every aspect of your life.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - The 4 Pillars Of a Balanced Life – An Indian Approach
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