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The 3 Benefits Of Going Out In Nature

Urbanization came as the ultimate solution to the humans’ constantly increasing population. The fact that we are so many means we must find a clever way to fit us all in. Cities serve this need, and the appearance of factories and advanced technology in the human race also played an important role in the spread of urbanization. The result is that, unfortunately, most of us have lost contact with nature, causing several problems regarding our health and mood. The idea is not only to consider how nature often suffers from human intervention but also how every single individual has to give up valuable benefits without taking back as much. Being altruistic is ideal, but being selfish may also lead to the right choices. Today, we attempt to bring out all these crucial parameters that make nature the most suitable home for human beings and examine the benefits from a selfish yet solid point of view.

  1. It is healthier
    A walk in the forest can be nothing but good. How we have managed to keep our distance from mother Earth has shown a rather disappointing turn for us. One of the highly underestimated things in the modern lifestyle that expects us to live in the cities is the quality of air that we breathe. According to a relatively new field in science that studies aerosol, interesting processes occur in the planet’s atmosphere. The air in the cities and especially industrial areas where factories produce a large number of harmful carbon emissions is not clean. Trees absorb the carbon dioxide that is normally emitted thanks to human activity and release oxygen which is what humans need to enrich their breathing. Apart from the composition of the air as far as the gases are concerned, there is also the issue of the particles that travel along with it. The air in crowded cities has many small particles that can enter the human body through our noses and reach our lungs. Diseases related to the respiratory system are linked to the presence of these particles. The smaller the particle, the deeper it finds its way into the human body.
  2. It lowers our stress levels
    It has been the argument of many doctors for years. Still, today there is no single research that doubts nature’s fantastic effects in lowering stress in the quick-paced lives of modern people. Out there, we can find the natural environment where we got to evolve as humans and survive in. According to human history, people have been in nature for more than 99% of their presence on Earth. This means we are far more adapted to living in nature than in an environment surrounded by technology. This interaction that now seems bizarre was once our normality. Being out in nature keeps us grounded; and what does ”grounded” finally mean? It practically implies that we can be more to the present and the moment helping our minds not to overthink. A major parameter for our increased stress levels is overthinking. Nature provides the opportunity to press the ”stop” button magically without having to take pills, meditate or go on vacation.
  3. It is fun
    Sometimes we look for many reasons why something is beneficial for us, and we forget to ask ourselves whether we like it. At the same time, this perhaps should be the No 1 criterion. As long as we have a good time doing something, there must be something positive about it. The reality is that nature offers many opportunities for us to have fun. Running, biking, or even having a calm, slow-paced walk while we enjoy the music of our favorite song in our headphones are just some examples of what one can do in nature. In addition, many activities and sports cannot be done indoors, or at least they will never feel as precious as when you do them outdoors, like climbing or surfing. Humankind first learned how to play in nature and then adjusted its hobbies and lifestyle in order to make them fit the four walls of a small room. Therefore, nature is the most exciting playground to play like a small kid.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Success and Leadership - The 3 Benefits Of Going Out In Nature
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