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Charlene Gervais
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Why it pays to listen to B2B customers

Listen to your B2B customers and you’ll hear something amazing: the keys to your true competitive advantages. That’s the power that comes from a type of deep qualitative research called Voice of Customer (VOC).  Often used to undercover early warning signs of customer dissatisfaction, we find VOC research can be...
C-Suite Agenda

Old School Making a Comeback

I am proudly old school, and not alone. There are many more of us out there. Underground, we have become the alternative subculture. Not to defy change but preserve what we know works. Resistant to superficial innovation, just for the fake of it and a preference for enduring qualities, we...
Critical thinking

Generation Why

There's been a great deal of conversation lately about the existence of five generations in today’s workplace. This reality is an opportunity that leaders everywhere should embrace. Being a Boomer, I marvel at Gen Y and Gen Z and their healthy perspective on relationships, taking the long view, and valuing...
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Big Picture

3 Ways AI Benefits the Supply Chain

Supply chain disruption seems to be a never-ending battle for most companies. Regardless of what kind of business you run, you’ve likely felt the strain of supply chain disruption in some way. AI solutions can help overcome many of the challenges and improve your supply chain overall.  The supply chain...
Business Intelligence
C-Suite Agenda

What about Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence, or BI, has become a buzzword across industries, encompassing the various processes, tools, and methodologies that enable companies to collect data, analyze it, and get better answers to key questions. Business intelligence is a data-driven process of understanding your business so you can make better decisions based on...
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