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What Will You Contribute To This Company? Answering In 3 Simple Steps

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The question of what someone plans to offer for a company’s future is a must in all interviews. Regardless of what you are planning to do, here are the three rules that will save you from all the fuss of trying to be accurate and successful. Give them a chance and check them out.

  1. Use previous experience to get inspired
    A common issue that applicants face when asked general questions is that they don’t know where to start and cannot figure out a way to structure their answers. The key at this point is to get a torch of inspiration, and this will only be found in true experiences and events. To find a good answer to that question, think of a particular moment in the past when you have managed to rise to the occasion. Use this moment as an example to shape an answer of how you can be useful in the future. At this point, all you want is to find a small hint that will make you keep talking. Real life is the best source for creative thinking and authentic communication.
  2. Use the company’s mission to shape your response
    A part of the interview is about expressing your appreciation to one another. The beginning has to be done by the applicant. The applicant will first mention how much they admire the company they are applying for and why they are so eager to be a part of their big team. If you are finally hired, you will see on your own that the same atmosphere will be delivered by the team manager to you as well. They will let you know how happy they are to have you as a part of their team and how well they believe you will work together. This is a part of the communication that is a part of our culture. This is how it is usually done, and people have concluded that it is convenient for both sides to discuss that. The question of how you plan to contribute to this new challenge, this new role, and this new company allows you to express your admiration for the company’s achievements. It also allows you to link the company’s existing goals with your vision. The idea is to borrow information from what the company uses on its site to state itself. Now refer to its goals as if they were yours. You may have captured the general sense that all companies adopt about themselves but remember that each company does not have the same vision and mission. You must do your homework and underline these differences and details before your interview. Once you sit on the chair and hear this question being asked, you will know exactly what you have to answer.
  3. Mention your skills and previous achievements
    The question is also a good opportunity to discuss your skills and advantages. The interview is a process where you continually have to promote yourself, and this is something you should never forget when you are in this process. Every question, even the doubts that the interviewer may express about you, must be considered a chance to talk about why they have to hire you. Asking someone what they are willing to contribute is like asking them what they plan to put on the table entering this new challenge. The company provides a salary, a career, insurance, and a bunch of stuff you already know when applying for this job. Now it’s your turn to tell them why they should have you and what you plan to give. It is a reasonable basis considering they have to give before their investment starts to payout. This is why it is important to underline all the positive characteristics and declare why they should have you in their team.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Insider - What Will You Contribute To This Company? Answering In 3 Simple Steps
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