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Walt Brown

Walt Brown

Over the last 15 years, Walt Brown has helped transform the culture and effectiveness of more than 200 organizations across the country through his work helping them create clarity and consistency around Culture, Operations and Structure.

A key discovery of this work has become a belief for Walt and his clients: We believe that an organization is a fiction, a fiction that is only given meaning and power by those who buy-in. If we have 100 people and 51 buy-in to this and the other 49 buy-in to that, then we have two organizations and we have already been divided and we are on our way to being conquered.

Brown teaches that to create one single undivided organization we must have Structural Clarity and Consistency; Operational Clarity and Consistency; and Cultural Clarity and Consistency. The combination of these three creates an unstoppable momentum machine.

Walt Brown is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn.
Walt Brown
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