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Ladys Patino

Ladys Patino

Ladys Patino is a writer and book reviewer who specializes in titles on organizations, management, leadership, and communities. Ladys is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.
Jeff Skipper
Lifestyle and Travel

Book Review: Jeff Skipper’s Dancing with Disruption: Leading Dramatic Change During Global Transformation.

Transformation has been on business leadership's radar since well before the pandemic. But most leaders had no idea we could — or would — adapt as fast as we did in order to deal with the conditions of COVID-19. Yet adapt we did. To change management expert Jeff Skipper, this...
John Perkins
Tech and Innovation

Book Review: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man 3rd Edition – China’s EHM Strategy; Ways to Stop the Global Takeover, by John Perkins

Economic power has its dark side, that we know. When self-described “economic hit man” John Perkins first published his Confessions of an Economic Hit Man in 2004, its revelations on how economic power truly works were startling to many. Perkins worked at a major consulting firm, persuading underdeveloped but strategically...
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