Ladys Patino

Ladys Patino

Ladys Patino is a writer and book reviewer who specializes in titles on organizations, management, leadership, and communities. Ladys is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine.
Henry Mintzberg
CEO Insights

Book Review: Understanding Organizations . . . Finally! Structuring in Sevens, by Henry Mintzberg

When it comes to studying organizations, Henry Mintzberg has been a go-to for some five decades. All in all, Mintzberg has penned some 20 books. If you’re in the field of strategic management or you occupy a space near or in the C-Suite, odds are you’ve got at least one...
John Perkins
Business Transformation

Book Review: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man 3rd Edition – China’s EHM Strategy; Ways to Stop the Global Takeover, by John Perkins

Economic power has its dark side, that we know. When self-described “economic hit man” John Perkins first published his Confessions of an Economic Hit Man in 2004, its revelations on how economic power truly works were startling to many. Perkins worked at a major consulting firm, persuading underdeveloped but strategically...