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Ladys Patino

Ladys Patino

Ladys Patino is a distinguished writer and book critic with a specialization in organizational behavior, management, leadership, and community dynamics. Her expertise lies in dissecting and evaluating literature that delves into the intricacies of organizational structures, the nuances of leadership styles, and the complexities of community interactions. Patino's reviews and writings offer insightful perspectives on how these themes play out in various settings, providing valuable analysis for those interested in understanding and improving the functioning of groups, businesses, and societies.

Her work serves as a critical resource for professionals, academics, and enthusiasts in the fields of business management and social organization, offering depth and clarity in her assessments of contemporary and classic literature in these domains. Patino's contributions significantly enrich the discourse on leadership and community dynamics, making her a respected voice in the field.

Ladys Patino is an Executive Council member at the CEOWORLD magazine.
Anat Rapoport
CEO Journal

Book review: Anat Rapoport’s Woman Up! Your Guide to Success in Engineering and Tech

Across the globe, engineering and tech are still governed by men. As a result, many women (and other minorities) experience both internal and external obstacles that keep them from advancing as quickly or as high as they would like and are capable of. If you want to “woman up” and climb the high-tech ladder,...
John Perkins
Tech and Innovation

Book Review: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man 3rd Edition – China’s EHM Strategy; Ways to Stop the Global Takeover, by John Perkins

Economic power has its dark side, that we know. When self-described “economic hit man” John Perkins first published his Confessions of an Economic Hit Man in 2004, its revelations on how economic power truly works were startling to many. Perkins worked at a major consulting firm, persuading underdeveloped but strategically...
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