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5 Income Producing Assets You Should Own


When you venture into the world of investment, you might get overwhelmed by the number of options available. The avenues of income generation have evolved, and as we speak, they continue evolving in sync with contemporary necessities. However, this also makes it challenging to determine the best assets for income growth. It is like attending a buffet and deciding which dishes should go on your plate. But, as I said earlier, it isn’t simple.

Today, people are becoming increasingly drawn towards wealth-building through systematic investments. The fear of risks has become controlled, especially among younger populations. Certain income-generating assets are particularly popular among the masses. Here, we will learn about them.

In this article, you shall have a list of 5 income-producing assets to own.

  1. Stocks, of course
    I had to start with stocks because of course. Stocks are the most popular income-generating assets today. They have attained reliability over time, especially in the backdrop of institutionalized regulation and economic growth. This doesn’t mean they are risk-free. Surely they are prone to market fluctuations, especially in the short term, but research has decisively concluded that long-term gains from stock investment have been consistent.  Added to this is the fact that stocks do not require any maintenance, just wisdom on your part as to which ones to pick and which ones not to.
  2. Rental Properties
    Rental properties have been around since forever but they have surely jostled their way into the mainstream in the past few decades. Airbnb, for instance, changed the way we looked at vacation rentals. Investment in real estate is a common favorite but commercialization of the same has been gaining traction only lately. People purchase the property, rent it out, use the rent amount to pay off the mortgage or invest it somewhere else, and relax their time away. However, rental properties require maintenance from your end so you should be mindful of these extra costs in your calculations.
  3. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
    Now that we are already talking about real estate investments, let us hold on to the topic a little longer. I mentioned the maintenance part but many of us won’t like the idea. Either we just hate it or don’t have the time for it. Then, alternatives need to be found. One such solution is Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). REITs are basically businesses that invest your contribution in different real estate properties under their management and distribute returns generated therefrom. You will have to determine the kind of REITs that suit your taste. Some REITs are characteristically residential, and others are purely commercial.
  4. Bonds
    Bonds are becoming quite popular, especially due to the fact that governments often roll out bond schemes. Bonds, to put it simply, are loans that an investor gives to a borrower to be returned over a period of time. There are bonds that require periodic payments to the lender even before the principal amount is paid back. You will often hear about bonds when governments announce their schemes. It is a way the government funds its plans through investment from the public. Many people invest in government bonds because of the certainty of pay back associated with the credibility attached to the government.
  5. Agricultural Assets
    Historically speaking, agricultural lands have been a major source of wealth. Investment in agricultural properties is an aspirational goal for many, especially in agrarian economies around the world. Multiple reasons attribute to its likeabilities such as low volatility and minimal correlation with fluctuations in the financial market. In fact, governmental schemes are rolled out to provide compensation to farm owners in exchange for the acquisition of land. Even so, one can generate income from rental or agricultural produce.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Money and Wealth - 5 Income Producing Assets You Should Own
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