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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - We don’t choose our holiday memories, but they choose us

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We don’t choose our holiday memories, but they choose us

Our society has a certain structure with its elements imprinted in our brains. We live, think and choose based on these elements. When one travels one comes in contact with new cultures, different people, and new attitudes. Our travels and travel memories have the power to shape our personalities. 

We are what we remember or rather what we remember about ourselves. We take pictures, they say, to stop time, the moment. And what is more magical to go back, looking for a photo of an unforgettable summer moment during a holiday season? As a result of the intensive use of mobile phones in the opposite direction, it is becoming less and less necessary to retrieve the information stored in our memories. This means that we are beginning to lose confidence in our own memory abilities. 

If you ask yourself which trips made the biggest impression on you and you would do them again, then all those memories of those places you experienced as a local will quickly come to mind. The best source of knowledge about a place is the people who live there.

Get to know the locals, eat their food, taste their drinks, feast at their festivals, enter their homes, experience the beauty of their place, try to understand their mentality, their customs, and traditions, make use of public transport, go to local markets, find the good restaurants, the best food, when traveling abroad, eat in the neighborhood that doesn’t fill your eye, learn the basics of the local language and leave the maps for a while.

The experiences we have are so intense that they are always etched in our memory and in our hearts, and every time we share them we will feel like we are reliving the same moment in our minds. Before a trip, it is not about how far one will go or how many kilometers one will travel, but one needs to be receptive to new stimuli and ready to experience new experiences.

Remember, a true holiday starts where our mobile phone signal ends.

Written by Michalis Kostopoulos.
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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - We don’t choose our holiday memories, but they choose us
Michalis Kostopoulos
Michalis Kostopoulos has been involved in tourism for the last 15 years - 10 in hotels. He is a graduate of the Higher School of Tourism Professions of Rhodes Α.Σ.Τ.Ε.Ρ. In the past he has worked in several companies both in Greece and abroad and specifically in the United Kingdom. He is the co-founder of the restaurant 'Opsarion' in Rhodes in Greece.

Michalis Kostopoulos is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. You can follow him on LinkedIn.