Vikas Chadha

Vikas Chadha

Vikas Chadha is the Managing Director at Global Infotech and a qualified Chartered Accountant with successful stints with Brands like Berggruen Hotels (Keys Hotels), Tata Global beverages, Bharti Airtel, Thomas Cook, Marico Ltd and Mahindra etc. Vikas is recognised by the Chartered Institute of Management accountants -UK as “One of the Most influential CFO’s of India”. Vikas was also awarded as Best CFO Hospitality and Services at the Asia CFO Excellence awards, Singapore. He writes for CEO world, New York and for Economic Times, HT Mint, Business World and is an active speaker on Bloomberg, CNBC. Vikas is the Author of the Best seller “ Secret of success and a Happy Heart ” where he shared his Mantra for success and happiness. Vikas Chadha is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. He can be found on Linkedin.
C-Suite Agenda

Reinventing the CEO

The employer-employee relationship has undergone a dramatic turn during the pandemic. Organizations are struggling to retain top talent, which is largely triggered by the Great Resignation as top candidates want to work on their own terms. While employees are aspiring to work for a purpose-led organization, and want to add...
Business Transformation

Industry will Innovate their back ends and accounting support for financial transformation of their businesses in Post COVID era

80% of CFO’s are considering cost-containment measures 80% of CEO’s say their organization’s growth is tied to the ability to challenge and disrupt business norms 74% of CFOs will move at least 5% of their previously on-site workforce to permanently remote positions post-COVID 19 The specter of 2020 will loom over the...
Vikas Chadha
CEO Insider

Is The Spotlight On You ?

Have you ever heard the saying “The eyes are the windows to the soul”? How is it possible to see someone’s soul through their eyes . The fact is, we can learn a lot about others from their facial expressions, and other people can tell a lot about us from...
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CEO Insider

Risk Management in Trying times

We are all faced with unprecedented times while battling this global battle against the Covid Virus. This is not the first instance of a global crisis (Albeit not this extent) and hence there are some companies and industries that are better prepared compared to others. The greatest risk we face...
CEO Insider

How well would Indian Economy perform

India’s progress in the recent past has helped to ensure that South Asia is the fastest-growing region in the world. India faces significant challenges but alongside it are opportunities for Great growth. Some, which can tilt the balance for India, are: Economic and population growth: India is the world’s seventh-largest...
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