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Juan De Borbon – Introducing Cutting-Edge Techniques To The Healthcare Industry

Juan de Borbón

Spanish-American clinical research executive Juan de Borbón resides in the United States. He has vast experience running nearly 2000 clinical trials in various therapeutic fields. These include cancer, nephrology, hepatology, infectious illness (Covid-19, Ebola, Marburg, Influenza, HIV, Hepatitis), and neurology. Juan de Borbón has been inspiring and motivating the clinical drug development sector for more than 20 years by utilizing his extensive industry knowledge. 

Alfonso XIII of Spain’s senior great-grandson Juan de Borbón is his matrilineal direct descendant. King Alfonso XIII of Spain and his wife, Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg, had a son, Alfonso, the oldest of five siblings. Alfonso, Prince of Asturias, who lived from 10 May 1907 to 6 September 1938, was the presumptive heir to the Spanish crown and grandfather to Juan. At the time, Alfonso’s renunciation and untimely death as the heir to Spain’s monarchy sparked debate. King Felipe VI of Spain, his cousin, now sits the Spanish throne.

At the age of two months, Juan de Borbón immigrated to the US and spent his formative years in Los Angeles. Growing up, he practiced martial arts, surfed, skateboarded, and shared a deep passion for baseball with his father. His parents wished for him to have a wider variety of experiences and a deeper appreciation of his roots. Today, he is a top-ranking CEO honored for his accomplishments and model leadership by the business, his employers, and coworkers; Juan now holds the positions of Principal and President of Global Strategy at Global Earth USA, Executive Chairman of Borbon d’Anjou Holdings, and Principal of the Borbon Family Office. 

He is a compassionate leader who upholds the principles of integrity, honesty, and creativity, collaborating directly with Nano Cures Pharma in 2021 to provide Covid-19 vaccinations to underserved countries—working now with Thailand and the Central African Republic to obtain Emergency Use Authorization for the vaccination in those nations. 

Juan de Borbón established the first American Heart Training Center in a Clinical pharmacology facility in 2017, guaranteeing the best level of staff training in acute care for research participants. He combined WCCT with Medelis, an institution that conducts oncology clinical research, in 2016. The deal focused on the complex and quickly expanding oncology drug development industry in the United States, Europe, and Asia. This requires a unique answer with knowledge, insight, and a focus on the future.

With a focus on oncology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, gastrointestinal, renal, hepatic, and virology, Juan de Borbón created a multisite management service offering CRO Services for WCCT in 2014. This service provided data processing, statistics, medical monitoring, drug safety, tracking, site selection, and site management. He established the early clinical research facilities for cosmetology and ophthalmology in 2013 and combined OC Clinical Trials & Consulting with WCCT Global.

Juan believes that the era of doing regular activities in healthcare is finished. Despite the tireless efforts of well-meaning, well-trained professionals, every health care system in the world is battling escalating prices and unequal quality. Health care leaders and policymakers have attempted to combat fraud, reduce errors, enforcing practice guidelines, improve patient “consumers,” and deploy electronic medical records. Still, none of them have had much of an impact. It is time for a whole different approach.

He is focused on shifting from a supply-driven, physician-centered healthcare system to one that is patient-centered, patient-centered, and organized around patient needs. A system where services for specific medical diseases are focused in health-delivery organizations and in the appropriate places to deliver high-value care must be put in place to replace the fragmented system of today, in which every local provider offers a broad range of services. The volume and financial success of the services provided—physician visits, hospital stays, operations, and tests—must be shifted to the success of the patient outcomes.

Juan aims to launch the world’s first medical metropolis to promote lifespan and good health while utilizing information and communications technology for the exchange of reliable data for the assessment, care, and prevention of illness and injuries, research, and evaluation, as well as for the continuing education of health care professionals, all to improve the health of people and their communities.  Additionally, it is intended to assist the patient in maintaining their performance level throughout their entire lifespan. The main risk factor for most diseases is advancing age, particularly of cellular structures, and life expectancy in the population is still rising. 

Juan emphasizes that the cutting-edge longevity center offers tailored preventative medicine by implementing methods to promote healthy aging, delay diseases primarily related to aging, and lengthen a person’s active time of life. Providers who continue to use the outdated methods of today will go extinct. Reputations that are built on perception rather than actual results will deteriorate. In the face of increased openness and declining reimbursement levels, maintaining present cost structures and prices will be impossible. The only reputation that should matter in health care is assisting people in leading the healthiest and longest-lasting lives possible.

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