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Urban Stagnation and Shifting Investment Trends in Latin America

Latin America's economic growth has lagged behind Asia's in the twenty-first century, expanding at only half the pace. A recent World Bank study attributes this to the region's cities lacking productivity. Over the past two decades, rural areas experienced economic boosts due to advancements in agriculture and increased global demand...
Money and WealthSuccess and Leadership

Global Wealth Dynamics: Switzerland Leads in Average Wealth Per Person While the US Has Most Billionaires

The United States boasts the highest number of billionaires globally, while Switzerland leads in average wealth per person. Germany also ranks prominently in these metrics. According to the latest Global Wealth Report by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Germany is home to around 3300 billionaires. In contrast, the USA has approximately...
Special ReportsTech and Innovation

UBS Report Highlights Growing Enterprise AI Investments – Strong Outlook for Microsoft & Nvidia

In December 2023, UBS researchers released a report detailing enterprise AI spending plans based on a survey of IT executives from around 130 organizations. The survey covered various AI components, including chips, models, cloud infrastructure, data, security, and application software. After more than six months, UBS has updated its findings,...
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