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Christina DiArcangelo
Banking and Finance

Leading Through Challenges: Nurturing a Supportive Team from the CEO’s Perspective

As a CEO, I have had the privilege of leading remarkable teams through both calm waters and turbulent seas. While the former can be enjoyable, it is during challenging times that true leadership shines. Navigating storms and ensuring that your team remains supportive and motivated is a vital aspect of...
Corporate Event
Executive Insider

Level Up Your Corporate Events to Connect With Diverse Personalities

Creating successful corporate events in the post-pandemic era looks slightly different. You must cater to diverse attendee personalities by ensuring meaningful connections. To ensure excellence, challenge your perceptions, personalize engagement through personas, and foster individualized networking opportunities. It’s no secret that events are back. Although they might not look the...
chief executive officer
CEO Agenda

Fighting the Double Trigger as free labor vs slavery: How to negotiate your own Change of Control acceleration terms

A change of control, such as in a merger/acquisition, can have significant implications for the C-suite executive. You may face the risk of getting laid off, reduction in compensation and benefits, changes in reporting structure, restrictions in seeking new employment due to non-compete or non-disclosure agreements, and much more. Offsetting...
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