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Rethinking Accountability — It’s High Time!

In every organizational relationship, there’s an accountability equation at play. Accountability matters because it functions as the invisible thread that enables effective interactions with others.   But in its traditional sense, accountability is thought of as having to answer to or justify your actions to someone who has power over you....
Juan de Borbón
Big Picture

Juan De Borbon – Introducing Cutting-Edge Techniques To The Healthcare Industry

Spanish-American clinical research executive Juan de Borbón resides in the United States. He has vast experience running nearly 2000 clinical trials in various therapeutic fields. These include cancer, nephrology, hepatology, infectious illness (Covid-19, Ebola, Marburg, Influenza, HIV, Hepatitis), and neurology. Juan de Borbón has been inspiring and motivating the clinical...
Kelly Kubicek
CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight: HR Trailblazer and Founder of Fulcrum HR Consulting Kelly Kubicek Shares Her Secrets to Empathetic Leadership

Kelly Kubicek loves a challenge. Whether she’s streamlining government payroll systems or putting the ‘human’ back in human relations for multinational corporations, her ‘get it done without being a jerk’ mentality has won her legions of returning clients and top-notch recommendations.  The founder of Fulcrum HR Consulting has saved the...
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