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Approaching college students as a market

Trying to sell is not considered to be an easy task. However, the audience out there is vast. Adult students are a big part of it. They generally don’t spend a lot of money on anything, but they spend some money on a lot of things. The good news is that they are always in action, and the more they move the more likely they are to spend money. Today we will focus on all aspects of how to approach these consumers. The types of products they like to buy, the arguments behind each choice, as well as the ways you can reach them out. In addition, you don’t only want to find out what they prefer to buy, but also encourage them to complete your product’s purchase. So let’s have a quick look at what is going on in these people’s minds.

What are their criteria?

Advertising correctly is vital for this type of audience; they are the type of very lively people, they are very aware of the market around them and have the potential to buy as long as they are convinced it is something that worths. Regarding the launching techniques 33% of the students mention that humor is crucial to make them end up on a product. Proper promotion should take this into account. Likely they also take into consideration what their friends buy and copy their choices. Simultaneously, for products, such as detergents and product of personal hygiene the majority of students admits that they have been introduced to the brands they buy by their parents. Therefore for some products it is as if you don’t sell products to them, but to other people who influence them.

Other aspects that determine their choices

Students are often sensitive regarding issues, such as the environment. They seem to have political criteria and it is their age and interaction with the world that leads them to particular decisions. Most of them oppose to war, unemployment, and poverty around the globe. More than half percent of their population would buy a product that has a low carbon footprint and is environmentally sustainable. Their political background determines the type of products and services they buy. In addition, for products they would buy, either way, they are more likely to chose those that serve better their beliefs and are closer to their values. Finally, they feel comfortable about buying new brands and do not hesitate to try something new.

Preferable industries

So where do the students like to spend their money? The tourism industry is a must for students. They have the physical ability to travel, they have the child’s curiosity to explore, they have enough vacation throughout the academic year, and they have plenty of friends to accompany them in their journey. Endless articles refer to how to travel cheaply. Where do you think all these people address to. A considerable percentage of their readers are students. Lastly, amusement parks seem to be an attraction to college students together with kids of younger ages. They are also in an age where they consume a lot of candy bars, salty snacks, and gums. They don’t have parents to forbid them to buy this kind of stuff and at the same time, they are not old enough to worry about their health.

How do you reach them out?

Students are tech freaks. More than 80% of them own a personal computer, so as you imagine, perhaps, social media is the number one way to approach this audience. Music concerts are also likely to be crowded with people of that age. The numbers of money this industry makes because of students are enormous. Sponsoring these kinds of events is a fabulous idea. Students are aware of their financial condition and know that their pocket is not full. For that, you should trick them with a discount or a giveaway. They would love to buy something and get one extra to use as a gift. Remember they have lots of friends and they eventually have to buy them gifts. If your product is overpriced don’t bother to catch this audience, since 80% of them shop in places like Walmart where they can find affordable stuff.

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