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Building your brand – what values should you adopt

Brands are being built every day. Some of them thrive; some of them don’t. To deliver a product to satisfy customers the most, you have to be inspired and carry a vision behind it. The brand’s role is to communicate all this valuable information to potential customers and help you build a relationship where people will trust your brand and welcome your products. If you manage to grow a good brand your clients will likely prefer all of the new items and services you are planning to give them. Big companies deal a lot with that aspect in their business because it is most of the time the simplest way to see consistent growth in their sales. So, what are the values that consumers care to see in a brand to consider it trustworthy and reliable?


Quality is the first parameter a customer checks when then buying a product. It is easy to test and it is evident for anyone who makes a purchase. A quality product can also save money for consumers. When you buy something of good quality, it is less likely to break, or go bad. This way you don’t have to buy the same thing next month. Even if that means you have to add a little something to the price, don’t hesitate to invest in having quality products. They will attract the kind of consumers you want to have as customers. It will attract those who have enough money to spend on a product. So, when you launch your next product these consumers will be there to support you and buy all of your goods.


Ethics is a topic that has lately become of great importance. Now that goods are abundant and no one has to take advantage of anyone, ethics matter. We have many times pointed out their essence on consumers’ behavior. ”Fairtrade” and ”environmentally friendly” are often demonstrated on the package of the products. In addition, a series of social interest issues arise when it comes to promotion. Animal testing is another aspect many people care about. When you promote a product make sure you pass the message that you are not here only for the money. You have a vision and a background that supports all of your choices.


Innovation is not something that only big companies can provide. A small company may not be able to afford research to build a whole new product, but they can add details on their items that don’t exist in the competition. Take for example, milk cartons that open up in a way that you don’t have to spill the milk when you serve it to your glass. Nothing fancy has to take place here. Go as far as your budget allows you, but make sure you tick that box. The customer needs to know you are willing to add value to your product, and become innovative.


We suggest that the policy of your brand should prioritize the concern you show to the consumers. A flexible return policy is a typical example of how this relationship can grow. Connecting with them on social media is another aspect of approaching them and making them feel special. Clients do not like to be treated like dollars. They want to see the ”beyond level” of a brand. Apart from the customer service that will work in that direction, you can also include characteristics of your products that will point out in that direction.


It may sound general and naive, but it is what will help you go from average to being the top. No matter how much you try to make customers happy, it is the authentic feeling of how passionate you are that will drive them to trust in you and choose you for their upcoming purchases. Is your packaging appealing? Does your product beat the competition? Is your launching inspiring? Shopping is a fun activity and people want to feel that beat when they go out to spend some money. The customer experience can also be included in what we call passion. Use all the weapons you can and make sure that you as a businessman first are the most inspired person in your company.

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