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The best winter-sun destinations in The United States

The United States is a big country full of hidden gems to explore. These days that the coronavirus has given us a hard time to travel abroad a lot of Americans may find the pleasure of traveling at the comfort of their own country, where they will not even have to use their passports. Here we have some suggestions about where to go to enjoy the winter sun in the States without having to go for skiing or any other fancy winter sport.

Thankfully the USA is so big that you can get warm even in the winter period. Both cosmopolitan and relaxing destinations are easy to approach giving a bunch of choices for all combinations of travelers.

  1. San Diego, California
    San Diego is a beautiful city located in the west borders of the United States to Tijuana of Mexico. Due to its position, it has warm weather and a great influence from the Mexican culture. A typical Sunday afternoon will find you dancing while enjoying your ‘’Cerveza’’ at the out part of a bar mixing with people from other bars that are having the same time at the next bar. Passing from San Diego as a tourist will only make you jealous of the life that people who live in this city live. A great idea would be to go ballooning with a hot air balloon and see the view of the coast from the sky. Another interesting way to spend your time here is to go whale-watching. This part of the Pacific Ocean is full of whales and this is why travel agents have started to organize cruises planned especially to take a glimpse of the oceans’ biggest fish
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada
    Las Vegas mostly known for gambling is a terrific place to also enjoy nature. Built at the heart of the Nevada desert is full of cactus and rare species of snakes! For those who are not fond of danger, there are other activities that take place in this popular city. An amazing idea that doesn’t happen in many places in the world is indoor skydiving. This idea came up as an alternative way of practicing for those who want to do real skydiving. Still, it now attracts people who want to experience the high adrenaline levels, but don’t like the idea of risking. With air speeds up to 120 mph get ready for the most exciting experience of your life. The Adventure Theme Park is another beautiful option that you can enjoy with family and friends. The Park is an amusement park and also a waterpark. It also includes the biggest double-loop roller coaster that you can find indoors.
  3. Charleston, South Carolina
    This peaceful and classy place is all you want to relax from big cities’ stress. At the Seabrook Island Equestrian Center, which is half an hour from Charleston you can try horseback riding. You can ride next to the beach or through specially designed trails. The prices range from $90 to $300 per hour depending on the trails, experience, and type of service you require. Another relaxing activity to do around there is scuba diving. At Charleston Scuba you can see the underwater world for $145 to $175. The sites are between Charleston Harbor and the Gulf Stream and again the center can take over experienced and beginner divers. If you happen to be around there in March you will run into the annual fashion week at Marion Square, where new designers exhibit their work on competitions and runaway shows.
  4. Miami, Florida
    Miami is a relatively warm destination, being in the south-east part of the United States and also quite flashy since luxury hotels and skyscrapers are all over the place. It is suitable for secular activities and each time of the year there is a happening taking place. For the winter period, we have 2 amazing recommendations. The one is in February and it is the International Boat Show which is a 5-day event and is full of seminars, exhibits, and contests. During the festival, you will have the chance to meet celebrity boaters and fans of boats that come from all over the world. The other big thing is in March and of course, we refer to the Carnival. Being so close to Mexico and the Latin spirit it would be a shame not to dance in the middle of the winter. Normally the event attracts a million people, but this year we assume it will not be that wild. The so-called Little Havana street is Calle 8 where people gather to dance and have fun listening to famous DJs and musicians.

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