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Application Procedure Guide for Oxford University

Getting admission to Oxford University is almost every student’s dream but everyone doesn’t know the procedure of application for admission to the University. So, here we are with the whole application procedure required!


Go to the course page of your selected course, move to the ‘How to Apply’ tab, and click the ‘Apply’ button. Create an account and complete the form. Login to your account via this link- You can request a new password, in case you forget your old one, by clicking on the ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the login page.

First of all, select the application type and then proceed further. However, you can change it later on. You shall select a standard application type unless your application relates to any of the other types. If ‘the’ type is not ‘Standard’, you would be resisted going further unless a valid authorization code is entered. An application fee of £75 per application needs to be paid.

Go for either a preferred college or ‘I have no college preference’ option. Do it accurately, as you won’t be able to modify it after the application is submitted.

As far as deadlines are concerned, these are stated on the course page of each course. Try to submit it at least a week before. Various courses have various deadlines, some have November and some have January whereas others have March.

Your details

This provides for your personal details. There are two parts to it. In the first tab of ‘Contact Details’, give your personal information like full name, date of birth, telephone number, email address, home address, and correspondence address. In the second tab, provide for your nationality, passport details, accommodation, disability or long-term health condition, etc.


This one is about the references to be provided in the application form. You need to register three referees as a part of your application form. You need to select such referees who can inform the University about the suitability and academic ability for the opted course. One thing to keep in mind is that personal references are not accepted, as you are required to provide only professional references.

Qualifications, languages, and funding

As the title suggests, it describes the requirements for the qualification, language proficiency, and sponsorships. Go to the ‘Qualifications’ tab of the application form, provide the requisite details, like qualifications, periods of study in University, etc. No need to provide the qualification details before the University level. Keep on adding the qualifications by clicking the ‘Add another qualification’ button. You can add up to five qualifications.

The site also provides you the estimated amount of finance required to cover the course fees and living costs. The student can apply for a scholarship on the ‘Funding’ tab of the application form.

You need to exhibit your proficiency in the English language at the university or higher level but are exempt if:

  1. English is your first language and you are/have been a citizen and resident of an English-speaking country or
  2. Currently, you are an Oxford student who applied for readmission.

Supporting documents

This one is regarding the supporting documents required for the admission process. Go to the ‘Supporting Documents’ tab of the application form and submit all the supporting documents required and mentioned on the site for your selected course. Don’t forget to submit all the requisite documents by the deadline. Check the documents once before submitting them, as you may not be able to upload the revised documents once the application has been processed.

Your supporting documents must meet a few requirements, like submitting the form in PDF, .jpg or .png format must be smaller than 4 MB in size, written in the English language (unless otherwise allowed by the department).

Declaration and payment

This is the final part of the application procedure. Before ‘declaring’, confirm the form is correctly filled because you may not be able to revise it further. If the deadline is crossed or the application has been processed, the University may not do anything to help you out. After completion, switch to the ‘Declaration’ tab. Agree to the terms and conditions, check a count on the number of documents submitted, make the payment, and submit the form.

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