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Online Classes That Your Kid Needs during the Covid-19 Lock-down Phase

Online learning is slowly gaining momentum all over the globe and it not hard to see why. While the rise of e-learning courses has given a radical shift to the education universe, their popularity can be easily dedicated to the interactional sessions, economical pricing, and above all convenience.

It is true that the onset of the COVID-19 scenario has pulled a curtain over schools and coaching institutes, leaving kids to rely on the online classes by e-learning centers. In this blog, we will unravel some of the classes that your kids need during the lockdown.

  1. Steam Skills By Marcopolo World School:  The COVID-19 scenario has made all of us ragged during this unexpected times. While online classes seem like a bright option for keeping kids engaged during these times, choosing from a horde of options is another headache. But not anymore! Marco polo world school has a variety of courses for the children and even emphasizes the STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths). A child can choose his favorite subjects from the online class and then follow it up with a video and game. The app also keeps a tab on the kid’s progress and is especially functioned for age groups 4 and above.
  2. Digital Drawing By Udemy: When it comes to online courses, Udemy can be easily touted as the flagbearer in this sector. Digital drawing is a special e-learning class that is made for kids who are in the age bracket of 5 and above. The course lays special emphasis on the kid’s hand-eye co-ordination while allowing them to express themselves through art. Each lesson in the course is taught in an easy and step-by-step method which makes the learning graph more interesting.
  3. Life Lessons By E-Learning For Kids:  E-learning for kids is another platform that has so much to offer to the kids. The platform has a plethora of courses that can be learned by kids in-between age group 2 and up. From environmental conservation, figurative learning, and most importantly lessons on bullying will help children inculcate life skills faster. The prime benefit of all these courses is that classes have anecdote and comic book style illustrations that help kids to learn them faster and effortlessly.
  4. Scratch Programming By EDX: Programming is slowly making its transition from specialized to an essential skill. Irrespective of the fact, whether your child ends up in IT or not, this skill set is of paramount importance. Scratch programming by Edx has self-paced videos that explain the concepts of programming in a fun and educative way. With the help of this course, a child ends up learning problem-solving and computational skills, while learning to develop their own program as a part of an assignment.
  5. Learn At Home From Scholastic: The Scholastic platform has launched its online classes under the name of Learn from Home. All the courses in the curriculum are for students in grades pre-Kindergarten to 6. The five-day classes include various texts to read, along with videos and interactive activities that can be followed later on. With a free trial and no registration, this is one of the best online classes that your kid can learn and upgrade his skill set during this lockdown phase.
  6. Courses from Outschool: Outschool is an education platform offering online classes to kids between ages 3- 18. All the classes on the platform are conducted over video-call and cover courses starting from health and wellness, music, art, languages of the world along with basics like  maths, science, and English. One of the prime advantages of the platform is that it gives you an upper hand in searching for courses depending on length and format, making it highly flexible for children to follow.
  7. Khan Academy: Khan Academy is yet another online platform which has a variety of courses stocked up in its kitty. From instructional videos, practice assignments, programming, the e-learning platform is a perfect way to let your kid incorporate new skills. Apart from all these the platform also streams content from MIT, NASA, and California Academy of Sciences which gives global exposure to kids from a very young age and makes them ready for the future.

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