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Top 11 Well-paid Jobs With No Stress

Good earnings and stress-free work seem to be the perfect combination for every employee. But which are these jobs?

  1. Economists: Economics graduates have an annual salary of $ 109,230. Of course, we do not know that this job may not be stressful, but it is necessary for the services.

  2. Astronomers: If we were told to make a list of ten profitable professions, then Astronomers would probably not be among them. The study of space and the analysis of astronomical phenomena provide them with an “astronomical” amount of 110,000 dollars per year. With a Ph.D. in Research Physics, one can pursue this career.

  3. Actuary: Special exams are needed, in addition to the University exams, in order to be able to study the cost of uncertainty. The effort, however, is well paid, with the average employee earning $ 110,560 a year.
  4. Mathematicians: The reason here is not for the Math teachers, but for those who do research in both theoretical and applied mathematics while solving problems. But to earn 112,000 a year, a master’s degree is also required.
  5. Computer Engineers: $115,000 is spent designing and controlling computer equipment. However, practice is also required, as we are talking about a profession with difficulties.
  6. Ophthalmologists: Their coveted leave may be slow, but halal as ophthalmologists earn $ 115,750 a year.
  7. Physicists: With research in physics and doctoral studies, physicists are paid $ 118,500 a year.
  8. Law professors: With many years of study in law, law professors have managed to earn $ 126,230 with their teaching.
  9. IT Manager: No surprise for this profession. IT managers earn $ 141,000 to set goals for a company’s developers and check whether the programs are running properly.
  10. Orthodontists: With a degree in Dentistry and two or three years of internship, orthodontists can only then begin. However, those who correct tooth irregularities, even if they are late, can earn up to $ 221,000 a year.
  11. Dietitian: He is also a doctor, but he will never answer his phone at night to run into a patient. He makes diets specifically designed for his clients and gives instructions on the virtues of proper nutrition. He works in his office and his travels are only to conferences and seminars he chooses to attend. Lately in Greece, his specialty may not be so in demand, but that will change since we have been eating well for a long time. He can earn up to $ 80,000 a year.

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