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Highly Recommended Cafes in Detroit

The iconic ‘motor city’, Detroit is fast regaining its lost glory by reigniting the inherent entrepreneurial passion. The town is reassembling around the modern tech startups, and the neo-age cafes are making a gainful contribution in making the city great again. Cafeterias were and are the place where communities commune to collaborate and create. With the rise of the entrepreneurial community, Detroit has witnessed a boom in coffee shops in recent years. Changing work culture has inspired the cafes to recreate the caffeinated space.

Just ask for any specialty coffee shops and Detroit has some of the finest ones to serve you the hot cup of best coffees to recharge and reconnect. Detroit is back, and this time it is ultra-cool. Here are some of the best-rated cafes in Detroit to help you relax and rejuvenate.

Most Popular Cafes of Detroit 

  1. The Red Hook Detroit
    If you want to enjoy the finest coffee in a perfectly relaxing ambiance, then Red Hook is the best cafe shop for you. Ideally located in the charming neighborhood of Agnes St., Red Hook offers you a wide range of star coffee names like Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Parlor Coffee, and of course Astro Coffee. You will have a rich menu of delicious in-house bakery items to make the coffee experience even better. The excellent placing of green plants and colourful murals makes the space more refreshing and lively. It is a local favorite not just because it is in the heart of West Village, but the right mix of excellent coffees, and ambiance.
  2. Populace Coffee
    Ideally located on the Broadway St., Populace Coffee is one of the most admired coffee joint in Michigan. Although headquartered in Bay City, this newly opened cafe in the lobby of Siren Hotel downtown attracts coffee lovers from across the city. The calm and elegant atmosphere creates a perfect ambiance for creative spark and building a perfect relationship. Drinking a classic latte with Michigan twist here with friends is a new experience. You must try some of the croissants and pastries here, but you have to be here a bit early.
  3. Ashe Supply Company
    For exclusive coffee experience on Broadway, you can reach the Ashe Supply Company. This elegantly designed self-styled “lifestyle brand” offers you the right mix of art, prints, clothing, and coffee. The industrial-chic interior with dedicated space for coffee roasting creates a unique atmosphere for mingling with friends. You will have a great view of the Detroit Opera House from the big glass windows.
  4. Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters
    Dessert Oasis, a suburb stalwart of the city, opened the downtown music and dessert focused cafe to serve the vibrant and dynamic entrepreneurial generation. Softly lit and large space with exposed ductwork gives it a music venue feel. It is more like neo incarnation with more focus on coffee than music. You can still enjoy local and national acts with the finest coffee, mostly on weekends. Situated on the Griswold St, Dessert Oasis serves your delicious house-made cakes.
  5. Astro Coffee
    Astro Coffee in Detroit’s most happening coffee space, in operation since 2011 known for its specialty coffee. Founded by a couple with experience working in Monmouth Coffee Company of London, Astro Coffee offers you the best coffee experience along with a wide range of home-made goodies. The elegant interior with a smart, spacious seating arrangement gives you a perfect feeling of communion. Located on Michigan Avenue, Astro Coffee recently introduced Hearth Roasters from Oregon and Bonanza Roasters from Germany for the truly continental experience.
  6. Lucky Detroit
    This newly opened cafe shop gives you the amazing relaxing feeling of a laid-back saloon. Just a block away from famed Astro Coffee, Lucky offers you a unique coffee experience in perfect surroundings made of dark wood, exposed brick, and several antiques. It is a perfect place to sip the finest roasted coffee while relaxing in the cozy sofa. After a caffeinated recharge, you can always enjoy the service of the barber.
  7. Anthology Coffee
    This favorite coffee shop in Detroit is known for its excellent coffees and elegantly designed spacious atmosphere. After a successful operation in the Pony Ride business incubator in the Corktown neighborhood, Anthology moved to the Eastern Market. Thankfully, it maintained its original interactive community feeling. Situated on the Division St, Anthology has the coffee bar on one side and the roastery on the other side.
  8. Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company
    If you love totality in coffee experience, then this wholesale coffee roaster located on Woodward Avenue in Midtown is a place for you. Elders among coffee space of Detroit, Great Lakes Coffee offers you meticulously designed well-lit spacious seating to enjoy well-brewed coffee. Along with the finest coffee experience, you have a wide range of wines, draught beers and cocktails for perfect meetings.
  9. Cairo Coffee
    This multi-roaster cafe, ideally located in the vibrant Eastern Market, is all about personalized feeling. Cairo Coffee, small but admired for the fabulous coffee experience, offers you the unique experience of having the finest coffee in North Carolina Counter Culture atmosphere. If you want to engage more, you can join the Library of Cairo and borrow books of your choice. It is situated on Riopelle St, Detroit.
  10. Germack Roasting Company
    If you value and worship experience, then this 1924 founded coffee roasting company is perfect for you. Another great cafe in Eastern Market, Germack offers you excellent coffee in a perfect ambiance to spend quality to make it more valuable. Don’t miss the pistachios.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Briefing - Highly Recommended Cafes in Detroit
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