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Top 10 series to start during Covid-19 Quarantine

It is a fact that Europe is now the “epicentre” of the Covid-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) has warned, saying it was impossible to know when the outbreak would peak. Governments as a precaution against the spread of the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 recommended people to stay at home. Please find below a top 10 of the most popular series you should start this period.

  1. You
    A dangerously charming, intensely obsessive young man goes to extreme measures to insert himself into the lives of those he is transfixed by.
    Season 3 premiere in 2021.
    IMDb rate: 7,8
    Type: Crime, Drama, Romance
    Duration: 2018- present
  2. Westworld
    Set at the intersection of the near future and the reimagined past, explore a world in which every human appetite can be indulged without consequence.
    Season 3 premiere on Sunday 15th of March 2020.
    IMDb rate: 8,7
    Type: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi
    Duration: 2016 – present
  3. Elite
    When three working-class teenagers at an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy students leads to murder.
    Season 3 available on Netflix on Friday 13th of March 2020.
    IMDb rate: 7,6
    Type: Crime, Drama, Thriller
    Duration: 2018- present
  4. Toy Boy
    A stripper sets out to prove his innocence for a crime he didn’t commit and was unjustly incarcerated for seven years earlier.
    Season 2 will be available in 2021.
    IMDb rate: 6,6
    Type: Crime, Drama, Thriller
    Duration: 2019- present
  5. La casa de Papel( Money Heist)
    A group of unique robbers assault the Factory of Moneda and Timbre to carry out the most perfect robbery in the history of Spain and take home 2.4 billion euros.
    It is one of the most or maybe the most successful Spanish series, popular all over the world. Season 4 will be available on Netflix on Friday 3rd of April 2020.
    IMDb rate: 8,5
    Type: Action, Crime, Mystery
    Duration: 2017- present
  6. Mad Men
    A drama about one of New York’s most prestigious ad agencies at the beginning of the 1960s, focusing on one of the firm’s most mysterious but extremely talented ad executives, Donald Draper.
    IMDb rate: 8,6
    Type: Drama
    Duration: 2007-2015
  7. Suits
    On the run from a drug deal gone bad, brilliant college dropout Mike Ross, finds himself working with Harvey Specter, one of New York City’s best lawyers.
    IMDb rate: 8,5
    Type: Comedy, Drama
    Duration: 2011-2019
  8. Ozark
    A financial adviser drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder money to appease a drug boss.
    Season 3 will be available on Netflix on Friday 27th of March.
    IMDb rate: 8,3
    Type: Crime, Drama, Thriller
    Duration: 2017- present
  9. Fargo
    Various chronicles of deception, intrigue, and murder in and around frozen Minnesota. Yet all of these tales mysteriously lead back one way or another to Fargo, North Dakota.
    IMDb rate: 8,9
    Type: Crime, Drama, Thriller
    Duration: 2014- present
  10. Friends
    Follows the personal and professional lives of six twenty to thirty-something-year-old friends living in Manhattan. Friends are definitely one of the most seen series.
    Furthermore, Months after the 25th anniversary of its launch, the cast of the iconic comedy series Friends is expected to get together for an unscripted reunion special.
    IMDb rate: 8,9
    Type: Comedy, Romance
    Duration: 1994- 2004

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