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These Are The World’s Top Research Institutions You Should Know About

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

While they may not be at the forefront of social gossip or on the front page of popularity, academic institutions have been the leader in bringing new technology and social services to the public. These government-backed institutions are capable of conducting and pursuing expensive and extensive research that elevates the status and stature of our society.

From health services to deep space explorations, everything is made possible by research. If you are looking forward or have a piqued interest in the same, we suggest that you give the following names some serious consideration. We bring to you the five academic institutions that set the standard when it comes to research.

  1. French National Center for Scientific Research (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, or CNRS).
    Tasked with the rebuilding of the Notre-Dame cathedral, CNRS is spearheading the reconstruction of Paris’ iconic landmark. This is a multidimensional project (collaborating metallurgy, modeling, framework, anthropology, etc) that only goes to show the excellence that CNRS has achieved in several fields. This project is running on the able shoulders of CNRS’ 15000 multidisciplinary researchers.
    The focus area for research is extending the basic knowledge of our nature and society. The subject matter covers a broad spectrum, from biology to sociology, from cognitive sciences to history. No other educational institute in the country offers such a diverse approach to academics. If you are looking to pursue multidisciplinary research, this is where you should go.

  2. Stanford University.
    Among the top research institutions, Stanford is capable of holding its own with quite some flair. At $6.5 billion, it is one of the largest academic institutions. In its long journey to the top, Stanford University has had the privilege of being backed by some of the most prominent personalities of the USA, including the former president, Herbert Hoover.
    With a campus that spreads over 33 km2 and 18 independent labs, there is no dearth of support or scientific architecture at the campus. This is further bolstered by its 2200 on-campus faculty members who are available round the clock to guide and mentor the 16000 students residing here. Yes, in every right, it is a city of its own!

  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    With 41 astronauts from its campus, 90 Nobel laureates and 15 people to win the Turing award, MIT has consolidated its position as the premier institute for research. The institute was founded when industrialization in the USA was starting to pick up the pace. With a history of 140 years, MIT has gone from strength to strength.
    Applied sciences and interdisciplinary collaboration are two of the focus areas here at MIT. Such a robust culture within the campus has fanned the entrepreneurial flame within its students. According to a recent estimate, approximately 30000 companies started by its alumni are still active and collectively they bring in revenue of almost $2 trillion.

  4. The University of Cambridge.
    With over 800 years of history to back it, Cambridge is one of the world’s oldest educational. Such a large period has allowed it to amass many faculties under its wing. With more than 100 affiliates to win a Nobel Prize, the quality of intake needs no further justification.
    Student assistance programs are campus run and the deserving candidates receive scholarships for the tenure of their stay. These programs are run on the millions of dollars worth of funding that it receives from its alumni every year. Cambridge has a role in the creation of more than 1500 tech companies alone.
    The University of Cambridge has the largest department for physics in the entire UK. This department has been the home for some breakthrough discoveries in the field. DNA structure identification and splitting of the atom were done right here.

  5. The University of Tokyo.
    Japan’s oldest and largest university is the alma mater of many prominent personalities. 15 of the Prime Ministers of Japan and 11 Nobel laureates from the country have been students here. Adhering to its tradition of excellence, it has earned its place as one of the prominent universities in the world.
    The University of Tokyo has been putting a lot of emphasis on opening itself to foreign collaborations. Such initiatives on the part of the university will benefit foreign researchers with international ambitions. Even now, before any such program has been launched, approximately 15000 researchers of a foreign nationality find a home at this university.

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