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From Large Chain Necklaces To Hoop Earrings, Top 10 Accessories Trends For 2020

Two people can wear the same clothes. And it may work for only one of them. Why you ask. How one carries the clothes makes the world of a difference. Adding details can make clothes look different.

One of the most common ways of adding details to the outfit is an accessory. When complemented with clothes, they complete the outfit. Wisely choosing the right accessories can amp up the outfit. And poor choice can make good clothes look mediocre.

In fashion, staying in touch with trends makes you stand out among the crowd. Here is our list of accessories that will be in trend in 2020:

  1. Chunky boots
    In the chilling weather, you’d want to keep your feet warm and dry. What if you can do that more fashionably? Chunky boots tick both the boxes. Chunky boots are characterized by low heels and rubber platform.
    Ladies can pair chunky boots with a dress or with jeans. Knee-high chunky boots go well with a miniskirt.

  2. Bucket bags
    Bucket bags don’t only hold all you need; they are also stylish. Bucket bags have always been in fashion. But nowadays they are getting lots of plaudits. Recognizing this, premium fashion labels have started making impressive versions of these handy bags.
    Bucket bags mostly come in conventional colors like black, grey, and white. To take your fashion game a step further, experiment with marigold or pink.

  3. Square-toe footwear
    Strappy sandals make the legs look longer. We’re sure the ladies would want their fine legs to look longer. Popularly worn in the warmer months, you may pair it with sheer tights or socks to take it up a notch. While white, black, and brown are good conventional options, bright shades will definitely turn some heads.
    The straight toes look strange yet satisfying. Whether it is sandals, boots, or pumps, the square is in.

  4. Large Chain necklaces
    Jewelry has often been treated as the least prominent part of the outfit. Not anymore. Large chain necklaces will be a thing in 2020. Intricate or not, they go well with almost anything. This is a bold choice you should probably go ahead with. Bring on the bling.

  5. Wide waist belts
    The wide waist belt is a fashion hack that instantly gives you an hourglass appearance. Additionally, they look good on pants, dresses, and skirts. This versatile accessory is a must-have. It will never be obsolete, so make sure you stock up your wardrobe with some of these.

  6. Padded headbands
    Headbands have existed for a long time, but Prada has made them hot again. You can use them as an everyday accessory or add embellishments to make them extraordinary. Plenty of room for creativity.

  7. Hoop earrings
    Yes, the oversized hoop earrings are making a comeback again. You may choose to keep it simple or go for patterned and decorated ones. They are best worn with hair behind your ears – like in a bun or a ponytail. They need to get deserved attention after all.

  8. Bucket Hats
    Bucket hats have been in and out of fashion for a long time. The downward sloping brim of a bucket hat ends just above the eyes. They are one of the most stylish headwear of all time.
    For starters, you can experiment with shades of white, charcoal, or pink. Snakeskin and leopard print are bold options that will make you stand out from the crowd. Bucket hats can complete any outfit.

  9. Granny glasses
    Granny glasses protect your eyes while drastically increasing the style rating. These glasses are characterized by a vibrant and large frame. The beginners can keep it monochrome design throughout. The braver ones can go for a traditional inner design and a contrasting brighter outside.
    They are a bold choice thanks to their bohemian appearance. This is one accessory that will instantly make your ensemble a lot funkier.

  10. Mini pouch attached to the bag
    Luis Vuitton and Chanel deserve applause for coming up with this. A coin purse attached to your bag helps you carry two bags while holding only one. They are available in a large variety of colors. So, it’s up to you if you want to keep it classic or go for the unorthodox.

This smart fashion statement is also functional – it increases storage. Another accessory that effortlessly completes the outfit. The attached mini pouch is expected to be a huge trend in 2020.

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