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5 Most Expensive Perfume That Can Add Panache to Your Look

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One of the things you can do to hone your personality is to work on how you smell in public. Body odor is natural, but if yours is not something which is pleasant, then it is advised that you use a good, fragrance-laden perfume to not only subdue unpleasant body odor but also charm others with how you smell. Also, even if there are no issues concerning body odors, try perfumes anyway because they often serve as an extension to your personality. However, it is important to consider many things before picking a perfume such as a scent, brand, and price. Today, we are going to talk about price.

There are all kinds of perfumes you can get, but if your budget allows, you can make your presence indelible on any occasion you attend by applying an expensive perfume. Expensive perfumes are high quality, last longer, and can be readily identified in public. In fact, the world’s most expensive perfumes are said to be among the best in the world. These perfumes are the product of hard work, intense research, and the involvement of professionals. In case you are curious about them, there are a few of them about which I have talked in the following paragraphs.

  1. Joy by Jean Patou.
    Jean Patou is a gleaming member of the Procter and Gamble family and is a brand with only a few peers of such a stellar reputation. One of its many exceptional perfumes is also among the world’s most expensive—Joy. This perfume is a ‘flowery’ experience considering its chief ingredients are the various varieties of roses and thousands of jasmine. Joy, if you did not know, is an old perfume and was introduced in the early 20th century, and despite having so many years passed by, it remains as remarkable as ever. For every ounce of this perfume, you will end up paying more than $800.

    woman with perfumes

  2. JAR Bolt of Lightning.
    Joel Arthur Rosenthal is a well-acclaimed American jeweler who operates a notable firm JAR in Paris. This man holds the sobriquet “the Faberage of our time”, and it is this man whose brainchild is one of the priciest perfumes in the world. JAR Bolt of Lightning is a mesmerizing, hand-cut bottle of scent that has been developed using tuberose and oriental flowers among many other flowery ingredients. The scent is strong and will draw anyone’s attention almost instantly—but the strength of the scent is not over-done and is pleasant in nature.

    woman with perfumes

  3. Caron Poivre.
    If you are OKAY with spending a thousand dollars on a perfume bottle, then Caron Poivre is what you need. Coming from one of the highly reputed perfume houses in the world, Parfums Caron, Caron Poivre will not disappoint you and dispel any reservations you might have over the steep price. The perfume is to be found in a few stores across the world and is known for its strong overtones. What is most distinguishable about this product is that it comes packed in a bottle designed by Baccarat.

    woman with perfumes

  4. Clive Christian No.1 Imperial Majesty.
    Costing a fortune, Clive Christian No. 1 Imperial Majesty is what royalty would wear to fan an air of rich and glory. This perfume is the handiwork of the acclaimed perfumer, Roja Dove and is priced at $12,722 per ounce. The ingredients of the product include jasmine, Tahitian Vanilla, and rose oil, and you can smell a distinguishable aroma around it. But, the perfume is not the only thing that gets all the attention. The bottle is as extravagant as you can expect from one of the most expensive perfumes in the world—it is decked out in 18 karat gold and a 5-carat diamond!

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  5. Shumukh.
    Only those with an abundance of money and/or the heart to spend a million can hope to buy Shumukh. It is the most expensive perfume in the world and was created by the illustrious Asghar Adam Ali. The perfume has been packaged in a 2m high display case and its bottle is decorated with everything rich such as gold and pearl. The content of the perfume in question is an amalgamation of musk, Turkish rose and Indian agarwood among many others. Shumukh is, however, not only unique in its design and showcasing but also numerically. There is only one bottle of Shumukh in the world and that too at the Armani Ballroom of the lavish Burj Khalifa.

    woman with perfumes

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Lifestyle and Travel - 5 Most Expensive Perfume That Can Add Panache to Your Look

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