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Best Photography Schools In The World, 2020

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The human mind responds to visual stimuli far better than the textual or vocal stimuli. It has been proven through research that even with music; the mind tries to recreate visual clues to correlate better. And when it comes to images, i.e. photos, painting or sculptures, it scores the best in terms of triggering some kind of feeling. Photography is one of the most effective mediums to express your ideas and thinking through creative capturing of contextually relevant frames. Whether it is photojournalism or wildlife photography or fashion photography or simply wedding photography, the core focus always remains on capturing the best shot for enhanced visual stimulus. You might have the natural gift of capturing perfect shots, but if you are passionate about learning the art of photography and lack that spark of perfect visualization then you could learn it from professionals in photography schools.

Here are some of the finest photography schools to help you decide which one suits you better in terms of learning and practicing the art. Once you are done with your basic learning of the art of photography, you could hone your skill in your area of interest and start your photographic career.

Best Photography Schools

Going beyond the classic degree vs. experience debate, a degree in photography will not only help you master the art but give the opportunity to meet like-minded people and start the photographic journey. Photographers are in great demand, thanks to the digital revolution. Even if you charge $15 per hour as a beginner, you could make $36,000 annually. Once you have enough experience and a good portfolio, depending on your specialization you could easily earn more than $100,000 annually. However, you have to be very calculative in your photography school selection. Here are some of the best photography schools in the world to help you judge better:

  1. New York Institute of Photography (NYIP), New York, United States
    NYIP is one of the top photography schools offering both offline and online courses for the photo enthusiast. Currently, NYIP offers 11 courses, including photojournalism, portrait, and travel photography. Although there is no degree program, you can get the industry-specific accredited certificate in photography. Courses are designed to help you learn and master the art, and the best is you won’t have to spend much. You have the flexibility to complete courses in 18 months period.
  2. California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), United States
    CalArts, created by Walt Disney, is one of the best rated professional photography institutes offering Bachelor Fine Arts (BFA) and Masters Fine Arts (MFA) degrees. The state-of-art infrastructure and world-class faculty comprising of industry greats set this institute apart. The interactive learning module with a focus on practicality helps you learn the fundamentals and hone skills to be industry-ready once you are done with your course.  It is a powerhouse of creativity, so let your passion flourish in CalArts.
  3. Parsons School of Design, New York, United States
    This over a century-old design school is the best-rated photography institute in the United States. Parsons School of Design, founded in 1896, offers BFA and MFA degrees for aspiring photographers. You have the advantage of New York City and of course, the institute is renowned for imparting advanced teaching in analog and photography. The core focus always remains on improving designing skills through interactive learning.
  4. Yale University School of Art, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
    If you already have the degree of BFA and you want to pursue an advanced MFA course then Yale School of Art is the best choice for you. You have the reputation and world-class infrastructure to master the art in an experiment oriented environment. Located in Connecticut, this prestigious university welcomes only 10 finest aspirants annually, so you have to be amongst the best to find a seat.

    University students in class

  5. Goldsmiths, University of London, London, United Kingdom
    If you are in Europe and aspire to learn the fine art of photography not just in terms of art but science as well, then Goldsmiths is the university for you. Located in London, this prestigious school offers two MAs programs in photography, i.e. The Image & Electronic Arts and Photography & Urban Cultures. Both the courses will equip you with skills in creative visualization and smart handling of electronic photographic instruments. You will learn about animation and web designing as well.
  6. Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, India
    If you want to learn aesthetic photography, then you should be at Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art in Mumbai, India. The institute, founded in 1935, offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Applied Art, as well as a Master of Fine Art. The courses offered here are more comprehensive with a focus on enhancing the overall understanding of visual art. Bachelor courses are more generalist while Master courses offer you electives line typography, illustrations, computer graphics, and of course photography. Compared to other global schools of photography, J. J. Institute is highly affordable.

There are several other great photography institutions like Vevey School of Photography of Switzerland, Tokyo Zokei University, Spéos Photography School of London, Royal College of Art London,  and of course the Udemy for online learning. Artistic skills are beyond degree, but we are living is a very competitive world, so get a degree from the best photography schools in the world and let your skill do the talking.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Executive Education - Best Photography Schools In The World, 2020
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