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Top 5 Universities In The Netherlands You Should Know About

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The famed land of picturesque views, mesmerizing fields of tulips, a well-connected network of canals and the towering windmills make the Netherlands an exquisite tourist destination. But, know this that this picture-perfect destination is also home to some of the best higher education institutions in Europe. It is, especially, a popular destination for students interested in the field of science and engineering. Whether you are looking for specializing in an area or engaging yourself in general studies, there is an acclaimed institution for your consideration.

The Dutch education system is an internationally acclaimed one. It has implemented tight quality controls to ensure that it delivers the best to its students. What adds to the attractiveness of the country is the fact that the living cost is significantly lesser than those in other European countries. So, securing high-quality education in a European country is not a privilege of the rich. I have compiled a list of 5 universities which is worth considering if you are planning to study abroad or particularly in the Netherlands.

  1. Wageningen University & Research
    Address: Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, P.O.Box 65, 8200 AB Lelystad, the Netherlands
    If you are aiming for a thriving career in social sciences and life sciences, then you should strongly consider this university. Wageningen is said to be one of the best at what it does and has students numbering more than 10,000 engaged in different degree programs. The university is, especially, popular among students of environmental science. There are 20 undergraduate degree courses including those in health sciences and business. At the post-graduate level, there are 37 different courses offered. Over here, you will be a part of an international student community—one of the reasons why this is so because many courses are taught in English that in itself is a charming factor for international applicants.
  2. Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)
    Address: Postbus, 5 2600 AA Delft, The Netherlands
    The oldest technical university in the country is Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). When it was founded, it served as the institution for training the potential personnel of the Dutch East India Company. It is home to more than 18000 students and operates 8 faculties and various research institutions. Its courses include those in Industrial Design Engineering, Applied Sciences, Aerospace Engineering and Architecture. The university invests a lot of its resources in research activities. Its researchers have developed many technologies such as Fibre Metal Laminate used in Airbus A380 skin. Recently, it has started a project called Flame which is essentially a humanoid robot that could walk like humans.
  3. University of Amsterdam
    Address: 1012 WX Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Founded way back in the early 17th century, the University of Amsterdam is one of the most well-received universities not only in the country but abroad. Largest in terms of enrolment, it attracts students from all over the world and has around 26000 students. More than 150 courses are offered here, all of which are instructed in English. It has 7 faculties including Humanities, Business, law, Dentistry, and Economics. So far as research is concerned, it is among the largest research universities and its contribution to the said field is reflected in the fact that it has produced 6 Nobel laureates. To aid the academic life, there is an expansive library system that houses millions of volumes and is among the most resourceful library systems in the country.

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  4. Eindhoven University of Technology
    Address: 5612 AZ Eindhoven, Netherlands
    One of the dream universities for the science and engineering enthusiasts, Eindhoven University of Technology is a place that assures a well-rounded career. With its mode of instruction being English, it attracts a large number of international applicants from everywhere. There are 9 departments that cover a wide range of scientific fields including Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Built Environment, and Biomedical Engineering. In addition to regular degree courses, it also offers Honours programs that are offered at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and are marked by intensive coursework. It also collaborates with several prominent research institutions to conduct qualitative investigations such as the Tokyo Institute of Technology and KTF Royal Institute of Technology.
  5. Leiden University
    Address: Rapenburg 70, 2311 EZ Leiden, Netherlands
    In the aftermath of the Eighty Years’ War, Leiden University was a reward offered to the namesake town, and it went on to become one of the most respected European educational institutions in the world. The university operates about 7 faculties comprising 50 subject-departments. In addition to these academic faculties, there are research institutes under its aegis. These research institutes include Crisis Research Centre, Centre for Law in the Information Society, and Leiden University Institute for History. The illustrious list of alumni makes it an all the more attractive proposition for students; its alumni include 16 Nobel laureates, a President of the United States and the United Kingdom, and a handful of members of the Royal family.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top 5 Universities In The Netherlands You Should Know About
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