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The Best Hotels In Jersey For Business Travelers, 2020

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Imagine castles, cliffside walking trails, a hint of French culture mixed with the British. Then add to its mesmerizing beaches. You’ve now reached at Jersey. Located between England and France, it is one of the largest Channel Islands and offers great tourist attractions. Its history is also intermingled with the German, as it was under occupation for nearly 5 years during the Second World War. A pleasant surprise of golden sands and sunsets, you are sure to have the time of your life here.

But that is not all; Jersey does not only offers great views but great stays too. In the following lines, I have summarized some of the best stays you can find in the town. With just a few more words to read, dive in to decide on your holiday destination.

  1. The Royal Yacht
    Weighbridge, Saint Helier Jersey, JE2 3NF, United Kingdom
    Whether it is sandy beaches that you are after or it is the feel of the open road, you get to experience both when you stay at The Royal Yacht. The rooms are luxurious and spacious. Depending on the room that you opt for, you might also get a balcony. All rooms have a private bathroom. Next up, food! From contemporary to continental, you get it all here under one roof. Its lavish cafes also offer an alfresco dining option. For those looking to explore the city, there are markets located less than 1000 meters. There is also an adult-only spa at this hotel that is great for sauna and aromatherapy.
  2. Longueville Manor
    Longueville Road, Saint Helier, JE2 7WF, Jersey, Channel Islands
    Having 18 acres of private woodland and its own tennis court was not enough; this hotel also has its own kitchen garden and wine cellar. Some of the bottles are amongst the rarest in the world. If you decide on saying here, you will be greeted with individually decorated rooms that can rival some of the best in the business. Although the city center, Golf Club and marina beaches are only a short drive from this location, you would not want to leave the place for the sheer beauty of it. Having a traditionally cooked breakfast by a poolside has a charm of its own and you can choose from multiple cuisines offered.
  3. The Atlantic Hotel
    Le Mont de la Pulente, St Brelade, JE3 8HE, United Kingdom
    Located at a 5-minute drive from the Jersey Airport, this hotel is surprisingly secluded for its location. As the name indicates, you do get a splendid view of the Atlantic right from your room. Every room is provided with a balcony of its own which provides an outdoor seating area to the guests. The slightly modern décor of the hotel makes you feel at home at all hours. The beaches are golden and so are the sunsets. When it comes to the food, you are going to get both a seasonal menu and a selected menu. There are also vegetarian dishes available for guests.
  4. Grand Jersey Hotel And Spa
    Esplanade, Saint Helier Jersey, JE2 3QA, United Kingdom
    With designer furniture and a great ocean view (offered in select categories), the rooms at Grand Jersey are something to experience. As the setting evening sun paints the sky in myriad hues, the sight is something to behold from your balcony. Add to that the deliciously cooked food that is served on demand. The breakfast is cooked using the in-house Victorian-era garden that ensures everything on your table is fresh. At a walking distance from the hotel, you get scenic beaches and winding roads that take you into the city. With its picturesque location, you will enjoy the drive to and from your destination too.
  5. Durrell Wildlife Camp
    Les Augres Manor, La Profonde Rue, Trinity, JE3 5BP, United Kingdom
    If you want to have an actual retreat from your world, go offline for a week, then this is the place you should travel to. Situated 20 minutes away from the airport, it is right in the middle of a wildlife park. Here, the animals live in the open in perfect natural habitat. There are no ferocious predators so you don’t have to worry about your safety. The food is straight from nearby farms and you also have the option of cooking your own meals with the availability of kitchens in each luxury carpeted tent. Even though it is in the mid of nowhere, you won’t find anything amiss in your room.

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  6. L’Horizon Beach Hotel & Spa
    St Brelade’s Bay, St Brelade, JE3 8EF, United Kingdom
    This one is a special inclusion, though it does not offer close distance commute to the city, it is an ideal spot if you are of a romantic disposition. For couples, this can be the perfect place to spend a week. The modern and spacious rooms are furnished well enough to give you some (naughty) ideas, and the saltwater swimming pool and spa are just amazing. The cuisine served is both English and Irish with an optional vegetarian course too. Breakfast is to be cherished, and is one of the things this place is so famous for! And when you finally can spare some time from falling in love with this place, you can take a ferry into town to get to the city center.
  7. Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, Jersey
    Rue De l’Etau, Saint Helier Jersey, JE2 3WF, United Kingdom
    Bringing the famed Radisson experience to Jersey shores, this hotel is one of the most feature-rich on the list. Anything that you ask for, both in amenities and meals, you’ll find it here. Scouting local ingredients, it provides you the taste of the town while ensuring that you get a full-scale measure of both English and Irish cuisines. While choosing the rooms, you can either choose the town view or the sea view. The floor-to-ceiling windows add to the charm as they offer a splendid view of the Sun.
  8. St. Brelade’s Bay Hotel
    La Route De La Baie, St Brelade, JE3 8EF, United Kingdom
    Sitting by the open poolside and enjoying a hearty breakfast is an experience only certain things can beat. Full English and Irish cuisine are available for all the guests here. Unlike many other locations in this area, St. Brelade’s pays particular attention to the enjoyment of children by providing them with a separate playing area. You get the option to choose between sea or garden view when it comes to picking a room of your liking. All rooms are furnished with modern décor; some even offer you the option of having a balcony. You can travel to the city quite easily from here, or chose to enjoy its gardens and countryside terrain.
  9. Apollo Hotel
    St. Saviour’s Road, Saint Helier, Jersey, JE2 4GJ, United Kingdom
    Offering the full Jersey treatment, the rooms are spacious, luxurious and some even offer a look onto the garden and pool. You get a TV, telephone and tea facilities in each room along with the basic amenities. The bar here is something to behold and you even get to order pizzas with your drink. The restaurant here serves amazingly cooked English and Irish food, with the option of buffet for those who enjoy a live counter. The ferry port is just 5 minutes away from the hotel while the shopping streets are located close by. An even stroll can easily take you to these places where you can choose to indulge yourself in the local culture.
  10. Oaklands Lodge Hotel
    La Rue De La Trinity, Saint Helier Jersey, JE3 5JN, United Kingdom
    Oaklands Lodge emphasizes on making you feel at home, and greatly excels at it too! If you look out from your window, you will be greeted with the life of the city. Connected directly by a bus route, it makes going around town easier. The cozy pubs remind you of peaceful times and offer really good ale and wines while the restaurants serve fresh local produce. The rooms are large and the beds comfortable, so much so that you would want to order breakfast in bed.

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