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Amazing destinations in Europe for Music Lover

Music Festival

Europe has the credit of being a birthplace for western music, and evolution of many other forms of music as time passed by. Celtic music, Gregorian chants, and every other primordial kind of music had their development in this unique land. The place also is known for its breathtaking cultural diversity and magical locations. For the passionate music lover who wants to get a memorable travel experience, Europe offers nothing but the best. We bring you the best destinations in Europe which a music lover must make a point to visit sometime or another in their lives:

  1. Austria: The birthplace of many western music legends, the country’s capital Vienna makes to the top of this list. Also, witness the all-time classic The Sound of Music in the form of marionette dolls in Salzburg Marionette Theatre for once in a lifetime experience. Indulge in musical shopping with a rare and exquisite collection of music recordings during the relaxing stay here.
  2. Belgium: Are you into multiple genres of music which also includes contemporary styles? Don’t miss out the greatest music festival Tomorrowland in this country. It officially starts during July of every year and the festival believes in living life to the fullest through music. It also emphasizes on the fact that music comes from Mother Nature and every generation should respect this fact and humanity as a whole.
  3. Italy: The home of classical music, legendary composers and of course sumptuous food is a must-visit for the music lover. Indulge in magnificent opera performance in Teatro San Carlo which has fantastic acoustics. The nuances of remarkable opera performances can be greatly experienced during the stay here.
  4. Romania: To get the feel of old time Europe, visit Romania. Dance to the rhythms of Romanian folk dance Calusarii which has been into existence through generations. The traditional clothing is another great asset to this dance form. Groove into the unique rhythm of this dance and if you feel like- try a step along with the talented artists!

    music festival

  5. Estonia: For a true musical eastern Europe experience, visit Leigo’s quaint concert. Extremely talented musicians perform at this stage . The tunes range from old-time jazz to classic Tchaikovsky pieces. The Leigo Lake Music Festival also features breathtaking landscapes and experience music in such memorable backdrop.
  6. Ireland: Visit Belfast, in Northern Ireland which is high on Celtic music and melange of great genres. The place also has wide range of local bars and live music gigs, which brings the best music atmosphere for the modern traveler. Also, witness a range of promising music performers who bring the freshness in melodies and the strum of guitar!
  7. Slovakia: The Slovak National Theater which established way back in 1886 has been a home for opera and theatre performances. The breathtaking venue has been consistently hosting legendary performances ranging from western classical and fantastic opera singers.
  8. Norway: This exotic location is not just known for fantastic landscapes and natural habitats but also for Vinjerock Music Festival. This festival happens every July which features Rock and Roll along with sports such as Kayaking, hiking, and fishing during leisure hours.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Amazing destinations in Europe for Music Lover
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