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Sweden and Denmark are world’s best-performing countries for climate action

Sweden has been ranked highest in the best-performing countries for climate action – 2020 edition of the Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI). Congratulation! In a list of 57 countries, Sweden was ranked number one globally, followed by Denmark, Morocco, and the United Kingdom. The Climate Change Performance Index measures the greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy, energy use, and climate policies of 57 countries and the European Union.

Sweden officially comes in at 4th place, with the CCPI Index deciding not to include any nations in the top three placings on the list as no country has fulfilled the requirements to keep global warming temperature increases below 2°C. The rest of the top 10 best-performing countries for climate action are Lithuania, India, and Finland.

The top 10 best-performing countries for climate action, 2020

  1. Sweden: 75.77
  2. Denmark: 71.14
  3. Morocco: 70.63
  4. United Kingdom: 69.80
  5. Lithuania: 66.22
  6. India: 66.02
  7. Finland: 63.25
  8. Chile: 62.88
  9. Norway: 61.14
  10. Luxembourg: 60.91

The top 10 worst performing countries for climate action, 2020

  1. United States: 18.60 (61st)
  2. Saudi Arabia: 22.03
  3. Taiwan: 23.33
  4. South Korea: 26.75
  5. Iran: 28.41
  6. Australia: 30.75
  7. Canada: 31.01
  8. Kazakhstan: 33.39
  9. Malaysia: 34.21
  10. Russia: 37. 85

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