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Best Winter Destinations In Europe

The winter season is upon us and with it comes the holiday season in December. Most parts of Europe and America face harsh and unforgiving winters, but they also provide brilliant and invigorating vistas for relaxation and fun. Snow brings with it a lot of worthwhile activities, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Apart from the obvious joy and games, you also have options to indulge in the beautiful escapades of Nature, the cathartic feeling of winter shopping for presents and memorabilia, and of course, just an excuse to break away from the monotony of everyday life. There is no better event than a holiday during the winter months to create new resolutions for the next year and reset the body and mind for better and more rewarding lives. This list gives you the top winter destinations in Europe that are worth their salt.

  1. Abisko, Sweden
    Because it is so close to the north pole, the sun is hard to find in Abisko in the winter months. Weeks would pass before you can catch a trail of the sun, but what you would not miss is the Aurora Borealis, which is any photographer’s dream. The surreal landscape may be the perfect one if your mind needs a reset.
  2. Athens, Greece.
    Yes, you can argue that Athens is typically a summer holiday destination, but that is what makes it the perfect winter getaway. You won’t miss the crowds of tourists, and there would be more quality time to check out the rich Greek culture. Plus, the food is always great.
  3. Copenhagen, Denmark
    If romance is your thing, or simply an emotion that you haven’t felt for a long time, take your mate to Copenhagen. The beautiful Tivoli Gardens, the ambiance straight out of a Disney fairy tale, and climate to kickstart your heart, Copenhagen delivers, always.
  4. Jasná, Slovakia
    Ski lovers would typically head over to Switzerland and the affiliated vicinity for a taste of high adrenaline snow sports, but if you are on a tight budget then this quaint little place in Slovakia may be just the thing. It doesn’t compromise on the quality but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.
  5. Andalucía, Spain
    Because it is so close to Africa and the Mediterranean Sea, this is the place to be if you just hate the winter cold and need an escape from it. And because it is in Spain, you can never count out the culture and the food, not to forget the nightlife. What more, this is another place that won’t cut a deep hole in your pocket. Don’t forget Seville’s Cathedral while you’re there.
  6. Venice, Italy
    Anything in Italy is either a product of passion or culture. It’s a place that listens more to the heart and soul than logic and brain. And hence, in Venice, during the winter months, you will find a mega event of costumes and the affiliated parties that will enthrall you and haunt you. It’s an experience worth a visit at least once in a lifetime, and this year is probably the best one.
  7. Rovaniemi, Finland
    If you are looking for a typical Christmassy holiday, complete with the snow, the reindeer, the chill, the mirth, and the cheer, there is probably a no better place than Rovaniemi. Finland is no stranger to winter cold and along with the Arktikum Museum that provides as much learning as it does the thrills, your children, if any would wholeheartedly accept this place in their core memory.
  8. Christmas markets (Germany and Austria)
    In Germany and Austria, you will find markets that cater specifically to the Christmas spirit, and for the spendthrift who likes to decorate their homes as much as they like to travel for new experiences, these markets offer both. They are not a novelty though, as these markets have flourished for ages. But if you haven’t been there still, you have a reason now.
  9. Budapest, Hungary
    Another perfect location for couples, there are a lot of things you can do in Budapest apart from looking at the wonderful architecture. The central park offers a beautiful skating rink, among other things, chief among them being the thermal baths for you to escape the cold.

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