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Top 5 Universities In Poland, 2019

Poland is one of the well-known countries in Europe, with a long history, diverse culture, and a well-developed economy. Hailed as one of the most dynamic economies in the world, it has been consistently performing well on the Human Development Index. One of the areas where it delivers exemplary performance is education about which we are going to talk.

Higher education in Poland has evolved over the years. Presently, there are about 500 higher education institutions of which 18 are fully accredited traditional universities. Unlike its counterparts in the European Union, Poland has a greater number of specialized institutions than traditional institutions offering a wide range of courses.

Those of you who are considering higher education abroad may want to shortlist Polish universities. With a bunch of advantages such as low living expenses, provision of courses in English and a picturesque country, it is pretty certain that you shall not be disappointed. As far as the choices of institutions are concerned, I have 5 of them for your deliberation.

  1. Jagiellonian University.
    Also known as the University of Kraków, Jagiellonian University is a research-oriented university which was established in 1364 making it the oldest Polish educational institution and one of the oldest educational institutions in the world.
    It offers a plethora of courses to choose from including law, natural sciences, humanities, and medicines. Though Polish is usually used as a mode of instruction, there are many courses offered in English or German. It is said to be the most reputed higher education institution in the country and has consistently performed well in international rankings.
  2. The University of Warsaw.
    The University of Warsaw is the largest university in the country, with its staff members’ numbers running in thousands. It was established in 1816 in the aftermath of the Partition of Poland which segregated it from the Jagiellonian University.
    Initially, the University offered only five faculties namely law and political science, theology, medicine, humanities, and philosophy; however, with time, it has expanded. Today, there are over 18 faculties spread over 126 buildings and complexes.
    The University remains one of the top choices among domestic and international students. Due to its history and progressive track record, it has fared well in many international rankings.
  3. Adam Mickiewicz University.
    Adam Mickiewicz University is a major university situated in Poznań, Greater Poland. Though it has been operating since 17th century, it started working officially in 1919. The university is named after a namesake poet who is considered as the national poet of the country. Today, it is among the top three universities in the country and one of the best in the world.
    The university offers 15 faculties as of now which include chemistry, English, Political Science and Journalism, Theology, History, and Mathematics and Computer Science. It offers its undergraduate programs in English, German and Polish and postgraduate programs in Dutch aside from the aforementioned languages. Its doctoral programs are also offered in many languages.
  4. AGH University of Science and Technology.
    Situated in Kraków, AGH University of Science and Technology was founded in 1919. It was previously known as the University of Mining and Metallurgy. The University is a public institution offering courses in technical fields. It ranks as one of the best technical universities in European Union.
    As of today, the university offers 15 faculties overall including Faculty of Mining and Geoengineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, Faculty of Material Science and Ceramics, and Faculty of Management.
  5. Warsaw University of Technology.
    One of the shining examples of the great Polish education system is Warsaw University of Technology which is incidentally one of the largest universities in Europe. It is notable for its contributions to the field of technology, and this has been recognized by many international rankings.
    The University was started in 1826, with engineering as its first course. There is an array of faculties operating in the institution. These faculties include that of Architecture, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Electronics and Information Technology, Transport, Production Engineering, and Mechatronics.
    Despite years of suppression witnessed during World War II, the university kept growing and showed resilience. Today, it is a crucial scientific center in the country.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - Education and Career - Top 5 Universities In Poland, 2019
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