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Do a SWOT analysis on yourself and you can introspect on yourself. Such situations arise out of results and personal performance and evaluating success quotient. What do you think I should do? Take a piece of paper, sit down, take deep breath and analyze what are your strengths and weaknesses (literature – decision making) that you can outrightly note down and have courage and ethics to admit. Second what could possibly be the opportunities you anticipate and the barriers i.e., threats thereof.

Great the sheet of paper says S…W…O…T…. We must understand that more than strategic planning it should be easy to assess and willingness to be adept. The bug slows immediately after strength option and then it goes at a snail’s pace, dormant. In education especially we have got time bound curriculum targets and we are in the process either facilitating or on the receiving end. How often have we assessed the feedback of the dissemination, not about the scores or the quantification of the majority of the students doing the job, right? Time is the enemy, I know. The feedback system many a times, self-acclaimed documentation format (literature – commitment & passion) allows us to draw to the crutch of the situation.

All of us are busy angels. Do a small test yourself. It is quick and the results will be interesting. Check it out. Write down all the things (literature – accountability) you do from the time you wake up till you go back to bed. Have a column adjacent that states the time required for the said task. You are busier than the more political, most influential and the richest man in the world. Kudos!! Now you feel 24 hours need to be updated because it has been long since it has not been attempted by any.

Everyone wants to succeed in life with their talent strengths and have fewer problems through their weaknesses. So it is imperative to manage these weaknesses so that they don’t matter in the work you do. Like the things-to- do list it is important to have work-upon list that needs to be time-bound and do-able (in addition to willingness to do) (literature – decision making)

The next phase is to uncover opportunities that you would not otherwise have spotted and manage and eliminate threats that might otherwise hurt your ability to move forward. This is a difficult task. Because like the proverb says, “Opportunity knocks”, who heard it, when and how? So keep your inner ears open always. It is not waiting for the opportunity to come your way, rather recognize the entity during your work schedule. It is not management talks; it is simply being honest and integrity.

Threats are not end of anything. Why are we scared of anything? Many reasons – we know our incompetence, insecurities and accepting it in the first place. Be creative and innovate the medium you want it to do good to you. You are the best person who knows what you don’t know. So can you break the ice and put your best foot forward. People have been always saying participation is more important than winning. My personal opinion the weakest in the race is not standing there to loose or come last. Apart from all the insecurities is brave to attempt. This is what each one of us is liable to do. So first understand your situation and don’t wait for someone to empathize or delegate remedial work plan for you. Empower yourself. This is not a motivational read, instead it is an introspection of yourself and something you will be proud of once done.

Don’t be theoretically conceptualized. The hours in a day will always be 24 hrs, manage your time, respect time, money, parents, friends and colleagues, don’t dig on others do it for you to be a better human being. Too much of thought process can ruin the future course of action in day-to-day activities, so allow some breathing space and the most difficult promise – be happy in every situation because you learn from each. Correct me if I am wrong, you unknowingly learn more than your conscious efforts to learn.

Let your character speak your success story. You lead the change.

Written by Salla Vijay Kumar.

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CEOWORLD magazine - Latest - CEO Advisory - Leadership From Literature

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Dr. Salla Vijay Kumar
Dr. Salla Vijay Kumar, is senior lecturer at Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) Ahmedabad, widely considered to be one of the India's best hospitality and hotel management schools. He holds a Ph.D. in Management from Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya (KSV), an M.Phil from Madurai Kamaraj University (MKU), and a B.Sc. (H & H.A.) degree from IGNOU from Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) Ahmedabad. He has 5 years of International & National industrial exposure at Holiday Inn, Ahmedabad, Baisan International, Bahrain, and Sarovar Group, Ahmedabad, and teaching at Baisan Institute of Hotel Management, Bahrain; he is serving IHM Ahmedabad since 2002.

Dr. Salla Vijay Kumar is an opinion columnist for the CEOWORLD magazine. Connect with him through LinkedIn.